AI Writing Tools for Writing and Editing Stories

Few people are unaware of the existence of AI in the midst of 2023. What's more, these tools have evolved in recent months and there are more and more variants of AI tools for writers with different functions.

Is it possible to write a book with AI? Can some AI essay writers service create a perfectly structured essay with just a few indications? What if I use these tools to create the illustrations for my book?

Today, we answer all these questions about the AI tools that writers worldwide can already use.

AI: an alternative to lack of creativity

Writer's block is as real as authors fear it. It is difficult to be original and surprise the reader with an innovative and engaging story when it sometimes feels like everything has already been told.

Fortunately or unfortunately for readers, AI that writes books has become the "salvation" for all those authors who don't know what to tell or how to tell it how they want to.

Not only can AI for writing help you get out of writer's block, it can also give you a hand in creating the synopsis of your book or even creating the illustrations that will be included inside.

Here are several online tools for writers, based on AI technology, that you can use if you are thinking about writing a book or are in writer's block.

GPT Chat


Already a classic in artificial intelligence, Chat GPT is one of the best AIs for writing texts. Those who have been close to these tools know how this fast and simple AI works.

The key to Chat GPT is to give it the most accurate instructions possible, bearing in mind that it has no feelings and will not refer to the characters in a book with the same affection as a real person.



Another example of AI for writing. With this tool, we can generate texts of 500 words maximum, starting from a topic and some keywords. It also allows you to change the focus you want to give to the text and the frequency with which keywords are repeated.

AI to help you create the synopsis

When writing a text with artificial intelligence, you can not only create a story or the plot. With this technology, it is also possible to develop the synopsis of your work, that section that goes beyond the summary of your creation and is so difficult to condense.



An AI that writes books goes beyond the writing of the body of the work. An example is this tool that allows us to summarize short and long texts. You can even filter a summary from 25% (highly summarized text) to 75% (poorly summarized text).



If you are thinking about using artificial intelligence to write novels, another tool that can help you summarize texts and create the synopsis of your book is Rephrasely. Keep in mind that it has a limit of 3000 characters, but it is still very useful because it has different modes and also allows you to change the input language of the text.

IA to design your illustrations



Craiyon is a fascinating AI tool to generate illustrations such as book covers or custom illustrations. To take advantage of it, you have to enter a description in English of what you want it to draw and select one of the options it includes (art, drawing, photo, or none). The interface is in English, so you will have to enter the description of your picture in that language.


As we can see, progress does not stand still, and AI tools for writers can significantly change the industry. It's always important to keep your finger on the pulse and not be afraid to use tools that are new to you.