Terms Of Service

This text covers the whole content of Gamulator. Please, carefully read this content before continuing to use the Gamulator website. The use of Gamulator is indicator that you accept the terms of service stated here.

Using our content

Rules for re-publishing our content:

Correspondence with Gamulator

After correspondence with Gamulator including submission of text or files, Gamulator LLC becomes the owner of the submitted content. We belong the right to reproduce the content, partually or fully and allow third parties to reproduce or share the content. When submitting content you agree that it fully belongs to you and it's not copyrighted.

Terms for Using Medias.

Gamulator usually publishes videos and photos as part of the articles our authors publish. The type of medias our authors usually publish are:

  1. Archived material out of use.
  2. Material licensed from the video and photo archives.
  3. Public domain materials for promotional activities.
  4. Materials submitted by our visitors, with a note that the material fully belongs to the person submitting it.
  5. Materials under Creative Commons licence

In case Gamulator recives a notification that a media on our website is not in accordance with our terms we belong the right to remove the material.

Changes in TOS

Every time we change our TOS we will update this page and any other we thing it's relevant. All changes will be done 30 days before the TOS going into action, so that our visitors are aware of the changes we make.