10 Best Wireless Keyboards for the Xbox Series X

A keyboard has its own benefits when it comes to console play. Faster communication and a new way to navigate when paired with a mouse come in handy for your favorite games.

You can use the keyboards alongside a controller, and swap them over whenever you need to chat. Having a wireless keyboard makes this process even crazy right!?

Now If you’re in search of a wireless keyboard for the Xbox Series X, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re confused, we’ve got you covered. Read about the best wireless keyboards that are fully compatible with the Xbox X/S! Let’s count backward shall we?

Best Wireless Keyboards for the Xbox Series X


Here are some features of KLIM Chroma wireless.

Features Keycaps: ABS Backlighting:RGB Hot-swappable: X Wireless: ✓ Software: X

With a full-size layout with 104 keys, plus three LED indicators above the Numpad, the Chroma Wireless by KLIM is the first Xbox series X keyboard on our list. It has the gamer-inspired design features angular corners, RGB backlighting, and a wow jet-black aesthetic.

It weighs 1.5 lbs. (680 grams) and doesn’t worry the Chroma Wireless isn’t exactly the heaviest keyboard in the market. Nevertheless, the quality of its structure is still decent for the price. Accidental knocks or falls off the couch won’t impact the body since it’s reinforced with ABS plastic.

Because of the water-resistant membrane inside the case, the Chroma Wireless isn’t afraid of spills, either. Unfortunately, that means it lacks mechanical switches. While this might be an instant turn-off for some, the keystrokes are light, accurate, and exceptionally quiet.

Setting up the keyboard wireless is not a game here. Just plug the included USB dongle into your Xbox series X and you’ll experience a fast response with no drops outs or lag. When used wirelessly, the battery life lasts around 17 hours with maximum LED brightness.

Although the inclusion of RGB backlighting is a great feature, the LED backlight is very dim and the PCB limits you to only three different kinds of effects. But on the other side, it does provide you with a choice of fixed backlit colors.

Overall, if you’re after a cheap and basic full-size keyboard, the KLIM wireless should get the job done.

Pros Super quiet keypresses Lightweight and minimalist Charge and use it at the same time USB Type-C Charger Cons No dedicated buttons for volume, etc. The keys feel a bit “sticky” Dim backlighting Poor battery


Here are some features of VELOCIFIRE TKL71WS

Features Keycaps: ABS Backlighting: White Hot-swappable: X Wireless: ✓ Software: X

The Velocifire TKL71 wireless mechanical keyboard comes in a compact 70% size. It has a lightweight and portable design, which makes it adaptable. Likewise, the board is completely black apart from a red RGB accent strip alongside the case.

The TKL71 is not going to let you down in terms of quality, despite the plastic exterior. It, in fact, makes the structure hard and durable. You get a solid, attractive board that will have no problem living its life.

Equipped with Brown switches that have a soft tactile bump, the typing experience is responsive yet quiet. On top are a cheap set of ABS keycaps which are apparently comfortable. They allow the backlighting to shine through and portray a clean font.

For wireless mode, the TKL71 connects through a plug-in USB dongle which has a fast 2.4 GHz connection, works lag-free and consistently during long hours of use. This makes it a great choice of gaming keyboard not only on PC but also for the Xbox Series X.

Unfortunately, the battery life isn’t the best, it lasts for 24 hours of continuous use on a single charge. However, if you do ever happen to run out of power, this is a neat little innovation.

Pros Great build quality Detachable, magnetic feet Smooth Wireless Smart charging system Cons Spacebar can be a bit noisy No sleep or auto-off function No RGB


Here are the features of REDRAGON K585 DITI WIRELESS

Features Keycaps: ABS Backlighting: RGB Hot-swappable: ✓ Wireless: ✓ Software: ✓

The Redra one-handed, wireless gaming keypad is built for space compatibility. It has a compact 42-key layout with seven on-the-fly macro keys. Additionally, it features RGB backlighting as well as a magnetic, detachable wrist-rest.

For switches, the K585 DITI is available in three Outemu colors which have a 60g actuation force and a 2.3mm travel distance. Bonus! With the hot-swap PCB, you can swap them out for any other Outemu switch. The pad even includes a few spare colors for you to play and try out.

The case is built of ABS plastic that feels rigid and robust. Unfortunately, like most budget keypads, the stabilizers are one of the drawbacks of the K585. Straight away, we noticed that they do have a loose fit and subsequently cause quite a bit of rattle.

Still, this doesn’t really affect the gaming experience, and the K585 DITI overcomes this with its noteworthy battery life. The 3000 mAh battery supports up to twenty hours of continuous playtime. Once drained, you can then plug in the detachable USB-C cable and charge it overnight.

Not to mention, if you’re after a wireless mechanical keypad in particular, you’ll be very happy with the purchase of K585 DITI.

Pros Seven dedicated macro keys Four onboard profiles Hot-swappable Magnetic wrist-rest Wireless/ good battery Cons Loud Stabilizers Software – average


Here are the features of RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK84

Features Keycaps: ABS Backlighting: RGB Hot-swappable: ✓ Wireless: ✓ Software: ✓

With a compact 84 key layout, the RK84 is a budget 75% mechanical keyboard. Despite being on the lower end of the price scale, it does have some great features. Some of these include tri-mode connectivity, hot-swappable switches, and an adjustable RGB backlight. Structure-wise, the RK84 has a minimal case with little noticeable branding.

Wanna know a versatile aspect of this case? You can actually remove the embedded frame and turn it into a low-profile design! This not only allows the keycaps to “float” from the sides but also removes the front Royal Kludge logo. Cool, isn’t it?

The plastic case is sturdy and has very little flexibility. The stabilizers are quite noisy so they may need modding or replacement. Furthermore, to take this board to the next level, you may also want to replace the stock ABS keycaps with a quality set of PBTs. The modifications are all up to you!

What’s great about this board is that the PCB is entirely hot-swappable which means it can support both three and five-pin mechanical switches, including all MX-style clones. For stock switches, the RK84 comes with TTC Browns that are very similar to Cherry Browns but have a bit more tactility.

The three modes of connectivity include 2.5 GHz wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, or USB-C. During testing, we noticed that the 2.4 GHz model has a relatively short range. However, as soon as it is plugged into a powered USB hub it works appropriately.

Finally, a large 3750 mAh battery powers the LED backlighting. With the lights on, this can last up to two weeks of use on a single charge. Overall, you won’t go wrong with this tried and tested compact keyboard for the Xbox Series X/ S.

Pros Small and compact Solid build Feature-rich Two USB pass-through ports Reasonable pricing Cons Loose wired USB cable No battery life indicator Questionable connection


Here are the features of REDRAGON K621 HORUS TKL

Features Keycaps: ABS Backlighting: RGB Hot-swappable: X Wireless: ✓ Software: ✓

Inspired from the Logitech G915 TKL, the Redragon K621 TKL is a wireless mechanical keyboard. At less than half the cost, it comes loaded with comparable features. Some of them include RGB backlighting, tri-mode connectivity, and dedicated media and macro keys.

As compared to the G915 TKL, the layout is almost identical. Above the Numpad is a scroll wheel for adjusting the volume/ backlighting, etc. Left of this are four multimedia keys and a mute button. Further, you’ll find four programmable G-keys and a macro record button.

The four macro keys (on secondary functions from F1 to F4), can record a total of sixteen macros. For a quick and easy set-up, macros can record in two ways; either by pressing the onboard MR Button or through the Redragon software.

The build quality is one area where the K621 TKL shows its budget price. Despite having an aluminum top plate, it is quite thin, which results in some flexibility. Furthermore, the G-keys do feel somewhat mushy and could benefit from a more tactile response.

Nevertheless, you won’t have any complaints about the rest of the keys. For switches, the K621 Horus uses its own brand of low-profile mechanical Reds. They are linear with a quiet sound and a super smooth feel press. You’ll also appreciate the eight spare switches that come with the board.

Lastly, the low latency 2.4 GHz transmission connection is strong and works just as it should. The power is drawn from a 1900 mAh lithium battery whilst use. Although the battery is on the smaller side, it can only last approximately twenty hours (with the RGB on).

Overall, the slim and lightweight, low-profile design of this keyboard makes it an awesome choice for the Xbox Series X.

Pros Attractive slim design Media keys and volume wheel Tri-mode connectivity Macro and profile keys Value for money Cons USB input on left side Mushy profile keys Plastic construction


Here are the features of iKBC TYPE MAN W200

Features Keycaps: PBT Backlighting: X Hot-swappable: X Wireless: ✓ Software: X

The iKBC W200 is a no-frills, wireless mechanical keyboard with an 87-key, TKL layout featuring standard key sizes and three LED indicators above the Home keys. Dived in all black, the design aesthetics are quite stealthy and minimal, a bit like the Xbox Series X console itself.

Built from thick, ABS plastic, the W200 has a solid body. This results in a fair bit of weight, which is comparable to more expensive boards. Underneath the case are a pair of adjustable feet and some grippy rubber pads. And on top is a high-quality set of PBT keycaps with clean legends.

For switches, the W200 is equipped with Cherry MX’s in a selection of four popular colors. Rated for 50m key-presses each, they provide the reliability and accuracy you need for both gaming and general use. Out of the box, the keys and stabs feel smooth to type on and are relatively quiet.

Equipped with a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle, the W200 would be set up in seconds. The dongle plugs straight into your Xbox Series X USB port and allows the keyboard to work instantly without installing any software. During testing, we found the 2.4 GHz very reliable and quick in recovering from sleep.

The wireless transmission draws its power from a pair of triple-A batteries. Surprisingly, that’s all the juice it needs for outstanding, nine-month battery life. The only drawback that rests is the no hard-wired connection. But, you can always keep some spare batteries handy in case of an emergency!

Pros Tenkeyless design Good build quality Mechanical switches Plug-and-play setup Replaceable batteries Cons No dedicated buttons for volume, etc. The keys feel a bit “sticky” Dim backlighting Poor battery


Here are the features of LOGITECH G613 LIGHTSPEED

Features Keycaps: ABS Backlighting: X Hot-swappable: X Wireless: ✓ Software: ✓

The Logitech G613 is a full-size mechanical keyboard featuring Lightspeed wireless technology for gamers who demand the high-performance capabilities of mechanical switches and wireless freedom. It accomplishes both while having a super-fast 1ms report rate.

The G613 packs in all the keys needed to take control, when it comes to layout. Along the left side of the board are six programmable G-keys that put custom macro sequences and in-app commands at your fingertips. Additionally, a bunch of essential media keys squeezes in above the Numpad.

Again the keyboard is built from plastic, making the quality of the G613 high and everything feels solid. At 3.1 lbs, it does have some premium weight, which helps keep it in position on your lap. The extra weight is partly due to the integrated palm rest that adds to the comfort and typing experience.

For switches, the G613 Lightspeed uses its own Logitech Romer G’s that delivers a quiet and precise mechanical performance. They require 45g of force to actuate for a travel distance of 1.5mm.

The G613 uses a 2.4 GHz USB nano-receiver for connectivity. A rock-solid combination of wireless connectivity, plus a remarkable (18-month) battery life makes this keyboard an amazing choice for the Xbox Series X. Moreover, instead of having a rechargeable battery, it takes two double-As.

Overall, if you’re in search of a full-size, wireless keyboard, the G613 might be the one you need.

Pros Slim build profile Good typing experience Strong wireless connection Remarkably low latency Macro-programmable keys Cons Non-detachable wrist rest No backlighting


Here are the features of Razer black widow v3

Features Keycaps: ABS Backlighting: RGB Hot-swappable: X Wireless: ✓ Software: ✓

A 65% mechanical keyboard with Razer Chroma RGB, hyperspeed wireless technology, compatible and versatile enough for all setups, the Razor BlackWidow blends form and function to create a seamless gaming experience.

The build is made up of a low-profile plastic case with an aluminum top plate. Despite its small size, the Mini has quite a bit of heft and it’s not going to let you down in terms of quality.

For switches, the board comes in two Razer variants: Green and Yellow. The greens are a clicky, tactile switch that optimize actuation, while yellows are silent, linear switches that dampen sound. Out of the two, we prefer the yellow switches that are super responsive and feel as smooth as butter.

Another key feature of the BlackWidow V3 Mini is its excellent connectivity. Besides connecting via a detachable cable and Bluetooth, the board features “Hyperspeed” wireless technology through a wireless 2.4 GHz dongle. As a result, you won’t have any issues with latency or unexpected dropouts.

No wireless keyboard is truly worth its weight unless the battery life supports it. The V3 Mini excels here too. Regardless of whether it’s in HyperSpeed mode or Bluetooth mode, it’ll last up to 200 hours of use from less than five hours of charge.

Overall, the V3 Mini is a small, lightweight, and convenient Xbox Series X keyboard.

Pros Solid build Feature-rich Great for gaming Excellent battery life Low-latency Cons Expensive ABS keycaps


Here are the features of LOGITECH G613 LIGHTSPEED

Features Keycaps: ABS Backlighting: Blue Hot-swappable: X Wireless: ✓ Software: ✓

Gamers who want to play their Xbox Series X wirelessly, with desktop-style peripherals will love the Corsair K63 Keyboard and Lapboard combo. This kit not only includes an excellent gaming keyboard but also a lovely large flat surface area with plenty of space for your mouse.

The Corsair K63 Wireless keyboard slots into one-half of the lapboard and then secures itself effortlessly using two clips at the back. After this, the fit won’t fall out under any circumstances.

The Corsair K63 Wireless has a space-saving and travel-friendly TKL form factor. Built for ultimate gaming freedom, it features tri-mode connectivity and has a reasonably sized, 2950 mAh internal battery which can last approximately 15 hours on a full charge.

Despite having a plastic construction, the build quality is rugged, chunky, and has zero flexibility. As a result, it’s not going to break if you accidentally happen to drop it. The board is quite heavy (3.5 lbs.) and has rubberized feet that prevent it from sliding around.

The tri-mode connectivity includes 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless modes and both modes are seamless with no virtual latency or lag.

Overall, the Corsair K63 + Lapboard is a super comfortable keyboard combo that performs according to expectations on the Xbox Series X.

Pros Makes living room gaming easy Comfortable for long hours at a time Excellent all in one solution Easy clip-in system Cons Need to buy mouse separately


Here are the features of the Razer turret.

Features Keycaps: ABS Backlighting: RGB Hot-swappable: X Wireless: ✓ Software: ✓

The Razer Turret tops the list with a wireless mechanical structure and mouse combo designed specifically for gameplay on the couch. Lazy potatoes haan?

Although it was developed originally for the Xbox One, it is fully compatible with the Xbox Series X and works effortlessly via a 2.4 GHz transmission.

To achieve its goal of portability, the Razer Turret TKL has some dedicated features including a built-in ergonomic wrist rest and a retractable magnetic mouse mat that extends right out from one side of the board. The magnetism prevents the mouse from sliding off the surface when positioned at an angle.

Crafted primarily from anodized aluminum, the Razer Turret is as solid as a tank. Importantly, the build has quite a bit of weight so it stays firm on the lap. Moreover, the use of quality materials means no worries about bending or damaging the slide-out mousepad, either.

The Turret uses Razer Green mechanical switches for optimized actuation (tactile and clicky switches that promise extended durability of up to 50 million clicks). On top are a set of low-profile keycaps which are shine-through, ABS caps that have a curved profile for comfort.

Both the keyboard and mouse are connected through a unified 2.4 GHz wireless USB dongle. The adaptive frequency technology that is continuously scanning, provides a fast and reliable connection. You will definitely appreciate the extended 48-hour battery life from a single charge.

As for the mouse, this is essentially a magnetized version of Razer’s wireless Mamba. To provide killer accuracy, it has a 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor and two precision buttons for adjusting the DPI settings. And hola? the body feels ergonomic and clicking gives a top-notch feel.

Overall, the Razer Turret is one of the best keyboard and mouse combos out there for gaming on the Xbox Series X. Although it does come at a cost, you won’t regret the purchase.

Pros Solid metal build Excellent for gaming Feels fantastic on the couch Brilliant magnetic mousepad Easy to move around despite size Cons High price Mousepad is a bit small

This was the top-notch keyboard list for Xbox Series X. You’ll definitely find the right fit for a wireless keyboard and game like a pro!