From Ancient Egyptian Dice To Online Payouts


You might already know this, but gambling has been with us through the centuries, in pretty much every culture and across every part of the globe - whether you look at Egypt or Scotland, or anywhere in between, you’ll find some form of gambling going back before our written records. The oldest dice we’ve found so far were discovered in Iran, from around 1800 BC, but gambling itself goes back even further; we’ve got evidence of gaming pretty much as far as we can go - so yeah, your obsession with your PS5 or Xbox isn’t new, it’s just a new approach to the gaming world!

In 2022 in America alone, gambling hit around $55 billion in casinos and on mobile apps. There is an enormous wealth of different games on offer, with everything from blackjack to poker to casino slots available both online and in physical buildings. The market is constantly growing and there are some huge names associated with the gambling world. But why? Why has gambling stuck with us for so long and why do we love it so much?

Gambling has quite a few attractions to humans; it’s definitely been designated as a fun way to pass the time - so let’s figure out precisely what it is that makes us tick and keeps us reaching for our wallets (whether that’s physically or in the digital space)!

The Adrenaline

There’s no rush like the adrenaline rush of winning a hand of poker or seeing all your slots line up, as any die-hard gambler will tell you. Gaming without the financial aspect has this to an extent, which is why gaming is also a massive industry - but when you add money into it, boy, that really changes the equation.

It’s amazing just how exciting it is to win, whether you’re playing games of skill or games of chance. Your heart beats faster, you find your hands tightening around the controls or your mouse, and you lean into the screen or the other players almost subconsciously. And gaming online doesn’t change this at all; it’s just as thrilling when you feel the balance start to tip in your favor in the digital space - which is probably why online casinos have enjoyed such incredible success in recent years.

That buzz has captivated us throughout the centuries, bringing us back to these games repeatedly. Win or lose, the adrenaline captures your heart, and it’s not something you can easily replicate with other activities!

To Socialize

It’s not just about the money, either; for many people, the draw of gambling lies in the social aspect. Sure, there are plenty of single-player gaming options out there, but very often, you’re playing with other people staking their money into the game, forming a kind of camaraderie, and getting to know each other. It’s an exciting atmosphere, and a great place to make new friends and meet people - with a shared interest built in.

And you’re all in it together, for the highs and the lows, which can make things even better. Sure, you may make some enemies on the casino floor too (nobody likes to lose, after all), but on the whole, people who play really enjoy the social dynamic they get to be a part of - after all, that’s why we first started gathering around with dice and cards in our hands: to socialize and spend time with each other!

If you don’t generally play online, you might think the social element would be totally killed by the lack of physical presence, but it’s not at all - you can play with people from all over the world and form lasting bonds across a hand or two of cards.

The Glamor

Do you love the enthralling atmosphere of the casino and find yourself gazing longingly whenever you see it, whether that’s in movies or in real life? There’s no denying it: casinos represent what a lot of us want in terms of wealth, power, and good luck. We associate them with all the charm and sophistication of James Bond, and we love gaming as a result.

Casinos know this, and they play on it. Even with the move to the online world and the rise of online gaming, they have made sure you really feel that allure and charm. As for physical casinos, these are pretty much designed to be luxurious, extravagant places.

A lot of casinos have been designed to resemble palaces, with marble floors, bright lights, VIP areas, and often other options like spas. If you’ve ever stepped into one, you’ll be familiar with the rush and thrill of dipping into this world - and while the online space might find it harder to replicate this precisely, it’s still captured the essence of it, with rich colors, bright lights, and extra bonus rounds to make you feel special.