Tips and ways to improve your gameplay in Division 2


If you are thinking about starting to play Division 2, then you should know that since the release of the first part, which completely failed due to poor optimization, but a good enough idea, so many players have permanently left the project and now Ubisoft is doing everything possible to invite gamers to give the project a second chance and strive to upgrade agents and accumulate and division 2 buy exotics weapons for your hero.

Where to start

You need to strive to obtain and use the best weapons that deal high damage, shoot through cover, have a high rate of fire and are easy to reload.

Usually, the best weapons appear with the release of a new season and the stage of adding new types of weapons.

You can get them during raids, leveling up tasks and the plot, or simply get them using the Skycoach service.

If your agent is level 40, then you can ask for help in completing the plot of the new season and storming raids with the help of professional players, and also order certain new weapons that have been added to the game.

If you do not have a level 40 agent, then the Skycoach service can help you with this and develop your agent first to level 40, and then continue to perform the specified task.

All you need to do is go to the Skycoach service website, select Division 2, specify the service and discuss all the important details with the manager.

Next, you will be asked to transfer your account information on the site where you purchased the game, and then the process of developing your boost to Division 2 will begin.

This is needed for several reasons.

Firstly, the Skycoach service provides you with not only financial guarantees of the safety of your account and all valuable items on it and uses a professional VPN to disguise a new location, but it also allows the booster to fully carry out its task without the need to focus on the client, his online level, games and potential Internet problems that may affect order fulfillment times, for which Skycoach are also personally responsible.

Secondly, this approach allows you not to participate in the process of completing the task to monitor the agent’s movement, perform some actions and monitor the character’s life and health. In addition, you do not need to be online for a long time before the order is completed, and if you go to bed and something happens to the character, then you're boosting in Tom Clancy will stop.

By transferring your account under full control, you simply guarantee yourself a guaranteed boost exactly on time, and if you ordered division 2 exotics, then you will receive them exactly on time.

When the task is completed, you will receive a corresponding notification and will be able to log into your account, check the result, immediately change your password and go inspect and test the new weapon, as well as all the trophies that you received during the boosting process and which Skycoach left you as bonuses.


Leveling up

You always need to develop your agent, because the higher the level of your operative, the more perks you can activate and the more weapons and higher rank equipment you can equip. This increases your overall damage and survivability across all stages and content types in Division 2.

The level can be increased during combat outings and raids, and you can do this alone, as part of a group, or with the help of a player assistance service.

If you do this alone, then you are in a state of danger and are especially vulnerable to attacks from full-fledged groups, which can use various tactics to bypass and kill you, which will interrupt the pumping and will not allow you to complete what you started.

Playing as part of a battle group will be safer, allowing you to use various tactics such as suppressing points, throwing grenades, bypassing positions, and even providing cover during retreat.

If you don't have such friends, then it will be more difficult for you to find players for your group and determine your level of interactions for boosting in Division 2.

Just contact the Skycoach service, and you can get help with pumping in two ways:

You will join the fireteam as an active player in a role that you choose yourself, and a gaming team of various professional players will be selected for them.

You are not required to actively participate, just follow the group and follow the instructions of professional players, especially in spontaneous PVP, and not just during the hunt.

Of course, the main task will fall on the shoulders of Skycoach players, but you yourself will be able to participate in all the main moments of the gameplay.

You can still transfer the account to the service employees so that they can complete the entire task without your participation, maintaining your anonymity and guaranteeing the safety of all valuables on it.

You will just wait and go about your business, and as soon as you receive a notification about the completion of all tasks, you will log into your account and check all the rewards received during the hunt and the overall result and go through the general plot and content further.

You will still be able to extend the order to any desired level and set its value yourself, even if it is only a couple of levels - Skycoach take on any task.

The best option is to order the farming of weapons and resources and, at the same time, receive pumping and other valuable items, and thus a cheap boost to the Division will go to you additionally.


Choose universal types of weapons that can be useful in any situation.

If you take an assault rifle, then you will be effective in any situation, while if you take a shotgun, then you will be able to attack enemies up close, but then you will need to regularly close the distance.

At first, you will be able to use only one type of weapon, but gradually you will be able to activate the perk to use several types of weapons and then the choice will be easier.