Top 5 Great Games to Play With a Small Group of People


Many people have situations when you and your friends can't find games that would be fun to play together for a long time, but gradually, a whole list of games you have played for hundreds of hours is collected. Today, we want to share our top 5 for finding your favorite games to play together.


Northgard is a good RTS in the Scandinavian world. The game is not the most popular genre at the moment, but it is made perfectly and constantly being improved by the developers, and updates are regularly released. Northgard has a fine story that teaches the player the basic mechanics and tells about the ways to win, of which there are as many as five in the game. Six different clans in the game have their own power-ups, and they greatly affect the gameplay. There are also eleven more clans that can be purchased as DLC.

This is perhaps the only problem: the game has a lot of DLC content, but if you buy it at discounts, it doesn't cost much. There can be up to 8 players in a party.

Stardew Valley

Very leisurely gameplay, coupled with an incredibly cozy atmosphere, literally immerses you in its world and doesn't let you out for many hours. The game has tons of activities, and the world looks alive. In Stardew Valley, you can farm plants, tend animals, go mining, delight the townspeople with gifts, fish, and explore other locations that will open up in the future. It's all done in a pretty interesting way, and the great thing is that all of these elements are closely intertwined with each other. When playing with a friend, you have the opportunity to learn the game faster, which is very good for the perception of Stardew Valley.


Terraria is a platformer that, at first glance, looks like Minecraft in 2D (mainly because of the cubic world). But that feeling soon fades away, realizing how vastly different these games are. Terraria has a huge amount of everything: items, crafts, blocks, biomes, enemies, NPCs, weapons, accessories, and bosses. And it interestingly's all playable. You take certain actions, it adds to the world; there are new ores, new enemies with new drops, new biomes, and the ability to summon new bosses. Then you defeat the boss again and again, the game has something new, and your character has new abilities. And when playing with a friend, the fun only increases because now you're not exploring this rich world alone. And in the game, there are many ridiculous things that you can laugh heartily. By the way, if your friend does not have as much time to play together as you would like, and he is getting more and more distant from you, sitting up at night over his study assignments, advise him on term paper writing service, or other educational help resources to spend more time together.

Flatout 2

Flatout 2 is currently not fully online, but you can find a fix on the community page that will bring it back online. Even though the game's online is extremely low right now, it's still there, and you may have a stranger join you in the lobby. These races are entertaining, also because in it you can destroy opponents. There's a whole destruction mode called derby. There are also regular races on a lot of tracks. Still, this mode does not prevent you from destroying opponents' cars, and we would say, on the contrary, encourages it because when you crash into opponents, your nitro scale is replenished.

Finally, it is highly recommended for playing with friends.

Golf With Your Friends

It's an incredibly fun golf game with many cards and three modes. There are a total of 13 free maps with 18 holes in the game. The maps are diverse, from the ruins of an ancient civilization with dinosaurs, to a space station. The maps have their own features and their unique style. The game has a wealthy customization, and skins fall out after passing the maps online.

Playing with friends becomes especially fun if you turn on the collision mode so you can interfere with your friends to score balls. There are also two more game modes: hockey and basketball. Hockey is not a bad mode, although the maps are not always suitable for it. Basketball is extremely strange and very much on the amateur. Surprisingly, it is such a simple game, very interesting for spending evenings with friends, and we highly recommend it.