Top 5 Online Casual Co-Op Games

If you were playing games back before the 2010s, you’ll remember the thrills of local co-op. Pulling out multiple controllers and going split screen to complete fully featured co-op games like Halo 3 or Army of Two. Sadly, in the years since, local co-op has fallen out of fashion. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still co-op gems to be played.

Indie developers have taken it upon themselves to keep the spirit of co-op gaming alive, offering up some of the most enjoyable co-op experiences in modern gaming. And, thanks to the fact we don’t live in the internet dark ages anymore, those co-op experiences can be played just as easily online as they can in person. Meaning you can play with your friends no matter where they are!

1. Don’t Starve Together

Old but gold. Don’t Starve originally released back in 2013 to rave reviews. Since then, developer Klei Entertainment has worked hard to keep the game alive with new updates, platform ports and the introduction of full multiplayer!

The premise of the game is simple. You’re a group of survivors living in a dark, scary wasteland and you need to… well… not starve.

While this may seem super stressful, when your experience can be shared with up to three other players (4-player total) it becomes a little less so… And you can all enjoy the creepy Burton-esque imagery together while you fight off the darkness.

2. Deep Rock Galactic

Dwarves, hordes of alien insects, guns, flame throwers and precious raw materials needing to be mined. Yes, Deep Rock Galactic blends the best of Left 4 Dead and Minecraft to create a phrenetic, procedurally generated shooter-scavenger which sees you and up to three buddies reap the benefits of mining in parts of the universe you definitely shouldn’t be.

Its varied, pure co-op gameplay makes it a game you can really sink your pickaxe into.

3. Overcooked 2

Working in a kitchen is stressful. If you’ve ever been employed in one, you’ll know that the frantic dance to clean, prep, cook and plate up can be pretty stressful… So why not do exactly that with a bunch of friends? Oh, and you’re working in some of the most hazard-heavy kitchens the world has ever seen.

Seriously though, Overcooked 2 is pure frantic fun, requiring you and up to three other chefs to serve up rapid-fire dishes to some seriously entitled guests. For those looking for a challenge, Overcooked 2 has a full star system and you’ll need some serious co-ordination to get them all!

4. It Takes Two

If you’re looking for a stronger narrative, It Takes Two is a co-op only story game for two players. You play a husband-and-wife duo who find themselves turned into dolls by their daughter on the news that they might divorce. Striking up the perfect quest to rekindle the marriage that was once filled with love.

This wholesome co-op title blends the magic of a micro-world with the relatability of slowly fracturing relationships. If you have a friend or loved one you want to reconnect with over the airwaves, this may be the game for you both.

5. Minecraft

Yes, we all saw this one coming. But even over a decade after release, Minecraft is hard to top. The sheer variety of gameplay on show makes it the perfect co-op title. You can gather materials together, explore together, dungeon together, craft together and build together. Allowing you to craft complex routines and long-term goals you can work towards together.

What’s more, thanks to its many platforms and large servers Minecraft is an awesome game to play with any sized group—be it a tight-knit duo or a huge party of friends.

The game has stayed at the forefront of gaming culture for over ten years for a reason. So, if you’re yet to play it with friends, now is the time.