GB Enhanced+ emulator

GB Enhanced+(GBE+)

This is a GameBoy emulator for Windows.

This emulator is a rework of Shonumi's GB Enhanced project and can emulate games for GB, GBA and GBC. His main advantages are the tile replacement and emulator coloring. Using GBE+ you can change the whole graphics of the ROMs allowing you to turn the old arcade games in modern 3D games. Even though GBE+ misses some core functions like saving state and using cheats it can emulate almost all GBA and GB games, so it is widely used.

Parameters Values
Console: GB
Platform: Windows
Version: 1.2.7
File Name: gbe_plus_1.2.7z
Filesize: unknown
Downloads: 637
Homepage: Link
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Worked for 33% / based on 15 voters