PCSX2 emulator


This is a Sony PlayStation 2 emulator for macOS.

Originally started in 2001 by two programmers PCSX2 (previously PCSX) is PS2 emulator available for Windows, Linux and macOS. It is open-source and free and anyone can jump in and improve the emulator. It offer many advantages over the classic PS2 console including improved HD graphics up to 4096x4096, options to save and load game states, full cheating system, ability to record game-plays and use controllers and options to increase and decrease game playing speed.

Parameters Values
Console: PS2
Platform: macOS
Version: 0.9.7
File Name: pcsx2_0.9.7.dmg
Filesize: 11929434
Downloads: 6759
Homepage: Link
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Worked for 69% / based on 72 voters