JPCSP emulator

JPCSP : Java PSP Emulator

This is a PlayStation Portable emulator for Linux.

JPCSP is a PSP open source emulator based on Java suitable for macOS, Windows and Linux. The project was started in 2008 by small team of developers and is still actively being developed and improved. The popularity of this emulator is huge with more than 600 titles ready to be played. There have been some problem reported for systems based on AMD graphic cards, but the developers are actively working and are ready to fix your problem on the next update if you report it. The emulator runs perfectly on NVIDIA card with super high speed and great graphics achieved.

Parameters Values
Console: PSP
Platform: Linux
Version: f76e8e41
File Name: jpcsp-rf76e8e41-linux-x86-64.7z
Filesize: 27416213
Downloads: 1314
Homepage: Link
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Worked for 51% / based on 41 voters