PPSSPP emulator


This is a PlayStation Portable emulator for Symbian.

PPSSPP was the first PSP emulator available for Android. It is actively developed emulator with releases for almost every possible platform including Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Pandora, Windows, macOS and Linux. It is written in C++ and is open source and everybody is welcome to keep working and improving the emulator. PPSSPP has improved resolution, can run smoothly on all mobile phones and tablets and has all the standard features an emulator requires like saving and loading states, customize controls and connect controllers and game pads.

Parameters Values
Console: PSP
Platform: Symbian
Version: 0.9.9
File Name: PPSSPP-v0.9.9.sis
Filesize: 9547336
Downloads: 743
Homepage: Link
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Worked for 77% / based on 48 voters