Beyblade G-Revolution

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File Name: Beyblade G-Revolution GBA.zip
Console/System: GBA
Genre: RPG
Filesize: 1.97MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2004
Downloads: 23628

Beyblade G-Revolution ROM Download for GBA

Developed by Mistic and launched in 2004, Beyblade G-Revolution is like Pokemon Game Boy games. Beyblade G-Revolution has received almost average or mixed reviews depending upon its story mode and overall gameplay. Players who have played this game stated that the game is not much engaging or long-lasting as the game's main component is to battle with rivals using Beyblades only. Also, the gameplay of the game is shallow and does not offer a comprehensive set of moves or a creative combat system. Many games reviewing websites have given this average game score, such as worthplaying.com, which gave this game a score of 5.5/10. 

Game Plot

In the game, your character is Tyson Granger, who is equipped with a Beyblade and travels through the world in the game, where he faces many rivals and obstacles. As you defeat your opponent, you acquire some new skills and experience. Once you can win all the tournaments in the game, you can achieve the best bladder's title in the game. Your character can talk to other characters in the game, resulting in battles once you converse with rival opponents. You can collect numerous Beyblades after winning matches, helping you build your profile in the game.


In the game, every dialogue related situation with other characters is never the same, which lets you experience a different conversation with the same character after some time. When you are not in a battle, you can explore the game's environment, which includes collecting items, gathering food, discovering new Beyblades, etc. Gaming controls of the game are straightforward and simple to use. Tyson can be moved around by using D-pad, while for conversing with people and interacting with the surrounding of the game, you can use the A button. To save your game, you can use the start button, displaying the drop-down menu.

Best Emulator for Beyblade G-Revolution

Beyblade G-Revolution is based on an RPG game format whose gameplay can be experienced on a GBA emulator. GBA emulator provides the option of saving states and load states, which helps you save your game and resume it. With multiple gaming console support, you can play with your favorite gaming console without experiencing any difficulty. Many GBA emulators offer BIOS support; with the help, you can easily play any game on your system. Some GBA emulators for different operating systems are MyBoy, Higan, JohnGBA, Visual Boy Advance, etc.

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