Crash Nitro Kart

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Year of release: 2003
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Crash Nitro Kart ROM Download for GBA


Crash Nitro Kart is a 2003 video game created by Vicarious Visions and distributed by Universal Interactive for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance. The game focuses on Crash Bandicoot's kidnapping, alongside different characters in the series, by the cruel dictator Emperor Velo XXVII. Threatening to destroy the Earth if they decline, he constrains them to race in his massive coliseum for his subjects' entertainment. 

Crash Nitro Kart got a mixed response, with reviews varying from variant to variant. The home console edition got moderate reviews, which forced the creators to dismiss the game as a generic kart racer; however, they also commented positively about its "power slide" mechanic.




The player controls the Crash Bandicoot series characters, who mostly race in karts. While playing, the player can accelerate, steer, reverse, brake, jump or use weapons and power-ups with the joystick's analog stick and control buttons. Four different types of crates are dispersed all through the tracks and fields of Crash Nitro Kart. "Item Crates" are set apart with a question mark (?) and mostly come in the group of four. The player can get a weapon or power-ups by passing through an Item Crate and tearing it apart.


Best Emulator for Crash Nitro Kart


If you are confused about which Game Boy Advance emulator to utilize, at that point, don't stress; there are some recommended options from which you can pick. One choice is the ClassicBoy Gold emulator that underpins huge loads of games on different stages, giving you more assortment of options. With equipment regulator support, you get numerous extraordinary highlights. EmuBox can likewise be another fantastic decision that you can observe as it offers different features like load and save states, cheat backing, and quick forward help. Some emulators for other operating systems are Windows- Visual Boy Advance, BizHawk, Android- John GBA, RetroArch, Mac- mGBA, OpenEmu, Linux- RetroArch.


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