Duel Masters - Kaijudo Showdown

File Name:Duel Masters - Kaijudo Showdown GBA.zip
Genre:Card game
Year of release:2004

Duel Masters - Kaijudo Showdown ROM Download for GBA


Developed by Mistic this game was launched on November 2, 2004. Duel Masters – Kaijudo Showdown is a card game similar to its previous versions, where you would have to participate in numerous duels against your opponents. All the fights in this game are divided into two types of tournaments which are regional and shop tournaments. There is a local card dealer in this game present at a particular location where shop tournaments occur. In contrast, regional matches are played as the story of the game progresses ahead. Your primary goal in every duel is to defeat your opponent to move forward in the game.




There are, in total, 40 cards in each deck where every duel consists of two players. When a round begins, each player gets a shield set by five cards removed from each player's deck. The first move in the battle is decided by flipping up a coin where the winner makes the first move. Cards in each deck consist of five ailments: Nature, Darkness, Light, Fire, and Water from each deck are completed. Every creature in the game you want to summon first requires sacrificing a card belonging to their ailment. This feature provides a lot of room for effective strategies and tactics in this game to win.


Duel Masters- Kaijudo Showdown has received average or below average reviews from many players and reviewed websites. Critics opposed the battle's combat system as the battle is very short-lived, and learning the cards is much more difficult as you can only read their names on the main screen, and to read their descriptions, you need a second screen. Another reason for not liking this game was its low-quality graphics and animations, which provided a poor background and displayed to the players.


Best Gaming Emulator for Duel Masters – Kaijudo Showdown


Trading card games such as Duel Masters- Kaijudo Showdown require a user-friendly interface that you can witness in GBA emulators. You can enable ROM patches with this emulator and also override any game you want, which is a rare feature available in any other emulator. Whether your operating system is old or new doesn't matter as the GBA emulator supports all operating systems and allows more comfortable setups of games. You get a highly detailed display of any game you get with a GBA emulator with enhanced color reproduction. There are some GBA emulators: No$GBA, BatGBA, VisualBoy Advance, etc.


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