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Fire Emblem ROM Download for GBA


Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing game franchise published by Nintendo. The game series at present consists of sixteen core games and four spinoffs. Gameplay circles around the tactical movement of characters through the grid-based environments, while integrating a story and characters the same as all other traditional role-playing video games.



Fire Emblem has tactical simulation gameplay with the plot and character development. The battles happen on a grid-based map, where the player takes control of the characters across the plans. Each character has a detailed character class, which give them set abilities. Some character classes have specific skills unique to them, and each character has their stats. You can upgrade or change the character's class. During the battles, the characters gain points by performing specif actions like healing an ally, slaying an enemy or attacking the enemy. After reaching certain levels, the character levels up.


Features of the game 

Battle style

The battles are turn-based fare. You direct the character to an enemy and then choose a form of attack. For melee attacks, there's a weapon triangle present- Swords, Lances and axes. Swords are best against axes; lances are best against swords and axes are best against lances, You can use geography to your advantage by placing your partners in forests or mountains where they're harder to hit. Rain and snow do sometimes fall and limit movement for all units. So whenever you are able, you have to move swiftly. Your objectives for victory are wide-ranging defeating the most potent enemy, to clear out all enemies or to protect a single. While things start easy, the difficulty slowly increases, and there's a tremendous challenge waiting.

Three cartridge slot

The game has an exclusive feature that saves the game to cartridge after every single turn made, either by computer or by player. This feature makes Fire Emblem very user friendly since players can turn off the system at any point in the action, and return at the same end in the game upon power-up. It makes sure that every move you make counts. 


The players create a team out of their current crusade's members, and one by one put an individual unit against another player's squad, and they have score points depending on the result against the two.

Best Emulator for Fire Emblem

You can play this game on game boy advance emulator. It allows you to play all-time favourite GBA games right on your device. GBA is one of the most significant successes by Nintendo that allowed the gamers to play their favourite games anywhere they want. You can use Visual boy advance, the most stable GBA emulators for windows, and for Mac, you can use Openemu to play your favourite games.


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