Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword (Translated)

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Year of release: 2002
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Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword (Translated) ROM Download for GBA 


Are you a fan of tactical-role playing theme-based games like Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, Knights in the Nightmare, Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future, and The War of Eustrath? Are you looking for a new tactical-role playing theme-based game? If your answer to both the questions is yes, you are in the right place because we recommend you. It is called Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword (Translated). Here is everything you need to know about Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword (Translated).


This game belongs to the Fire Emblem series which is a Japanese tactical role-playing game. The player will control the protagonist's son Eliwood, Roy. In this game, you have to play out on a grid-based map. The player will manage a particular number of characters tied to both the game's story and optional side stories. Each character in the game has a particular class and abilities, which is unique and engaging. The game consists of 25 chapters and six side quests to complete for the player. On the other side, the primary story mode features 54 playable characters.




Best Emulator for Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword ROM

To play the ROM of Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword on PC, the user must have a console and an emulator to run it. The console required for this particular game is GBA (Game Boy Advance) and downloading the corresponding emulator.


There are plenty of GBA emulators available online. Here are our best picks of GBA emulators:


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