Golden Sun

Golden Sun main goal is to protect world of Weyard from alchemy which was sealed long time ago. If you love mystery this is a game for you.

File Name:0171 - Golden Sun (U)(Mode7).zip
Year of release:2001

Golden Sun ROM Download for GBA 


Camelot Software Planning developed the Golden Sun role-playing video games. It is a series of fantasy games published by Nintendo. Also, the game follows the story of a group of magically-attuned Adepts. They attack by stopping the possible destructive power of Alchemy from being discharged, as it was in the past.


Game Plot

The player in Golden Sun is the protagonist Isaac. He and his fellow companions set off in the world of Weyard, and they aim to prevent the antagonists from releasing a mystical power known as Alchemy to the world. 

To complete the pre-ordained storyline, the players navigate the characters in the fictional world of the game by solving puzzles, defeating enemies, and achieving the assigned missions. The players can even interact with other characters, acquire more magic spells and types of equipment. One of the primary elements in the in-game exploration is the prominent use of the extensive pool of Psynergy spells available. Players can use these Psynergy spells for both solving puzzles and battling in the game's locales. 


Best Emulator for Golden Sun ROM


You need to install the Game Boy Advance emulator on your device to play the Golden Sun type of ROM game. There are many other fantastic Game Boy Advance emulators like Visual Boy Advance, which is one of the most stable GBA emulators you could ever have. It's also one of the oldest emulators. Other GBA emulators include Higan and DeSmuMe. 


Similar Games


As games like Golden Sun have many other similar games, you should also try to play those games as they are amazing. Some of them are mentioned below. 


  1. Golden Sun - The Lost Age
    Golden Sun The Lost Age is a type of role-playing video game, which comes under the second installment of the Golden Sun series. The game continues from its previous version, the Golden Sun, and here the player's role is put into the last game's antagonist. After some progression in the game, the player uses Psynergy to defeat the enemies, and in order to help the local people, they discover new locations. Additionally, the players can even transfer their items and characters from Golden Sun to this version. 

  2. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
    Golden Sun Dark Dawn comes under the third installment of the Golden Sun series and is a role-playing video game, like its previous versions. The game takes place after thirty years and follows the same path that of its descendants in the earlier games. The game contains random monster encounters as well as mandatory battles that advance the story. The enemy party and the player's party are displayed on the opposite side, whereas matches are shown on the lower screen. 

  3. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
    Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire comes under the first installments in the third installments of the Pokemon video game series and is a role-playing video game. The key objective of the game is to catch all the Pokemon and conquer the Elite Four and the criminal groups who plan to take over the area.  


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