Mario Golf: Advance Tour

Here we have a combination of golf and Super Mario. Obviously, the game is advertised back then as the best way to have a lot of fun on the golf course

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File Name: 1544 - Mario Golf - Advance Tour (U)(Venom).zip
Console/System: GBA
Genre: Role-Playing
Filesize: 11.50MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2004
Downloads: 4156

Mario Golf: Advance Tour ROM Download for GBA

People who love golf or those who have never played it but wish to should try this game. This appealing role-playing golf game gives you a goal to be the finest golfer in the Mushroom Kingdom. You can create your players and try to improve your skills. After that, you can participate in the championship to become a club champion.

Game Plot

It's one of the best golf games that takes the legacy of Mario golf games furthermore in the right way. The gameplay is simple and easy, with lots of diversity to make it enjoyable. There are two young players Ella and Neil, who have come to spend their summer at the Marion country game club to improve their game and to enter various competitions. They want to face the best golfer in their world: Mario. 

You will be playing this game either as Ella or Neil. There is a story mode and a career mode. Playing story mode is essential to gain points, experience and to unlock new players. It's about improving a character's skills through experience. You can share your earned point with the other player competing in the matches; winning tournaments will get you experience points. This experience builds character's ability and the player's capability to control their skills. You can control only one character (Neil or Ella), but you will also have to take care of the other as there are many doubles-games. Team of two players will compete with each other; therefore, both the characters must be skilled. If the secondary player's level is not up to the mark, then you won't be able to compete with the higher level player. Hence, there's a lot of strategy in figuring out when to send over your earned points to the other player.

Best Emulator for Mario Golf: Advance Tour

You can play this game on game boy advance emulators. A Gameboy emulator is a software program created by third parties and Nintendo to allow gameplay on any platform. Some of the best game boy emulators for PC are:

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