Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario Kart is a driving game where you are racing with other teams. On your screen have the position you are in the game and the laps remaining.

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File Name: 0086 - Mario Kart - Super Circuit (U)(Inferno).zip
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Year of release: 2001
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Mario Kart: Super Circuit ROM Download for GBA 


Mario Kart Super Circuit, released in the year 2003 comes under the third instalment in Mario Kart series and is a kart racing game. Intelligent Systems developed the game for the Game Boy Advance and is the first game for the handheld consoles. 


Game Plot


In a Kart, the player races against other teams on several courses. Just like in the previous Mario Kart series games, the player can pick up some boxes so as to obtain a randomly chosen object and use it to prevent the opponent and gain the advantage. Some of the items include star power-up, which temporarily makes them robust to attack, some banana peels and shells, which enables the player to hit on other players and this makes the opponents slow. 




The Mario Kart- Super Circuit has both single-player mode and multiplayer mode, while there are five other gameplay modes too. Five of the game modes include Time Trial, Mario GP, VS, Battle, and Quick Run. In these five game modes, most of them can be played as the single-player mode, while players can play the rest in the multiplayer mode. 


Best Emulator for Mario Kart: Super Circuit ROM


The game emulator which you need to download and install on your device to play Mario Kart Super Circuit is Game Boy Advance. Game Boy Advance has many good emulators such as NO$GBA, GpSP, ePSX2, VisualBoyAdvance, Mednafen, BoycottAdvance and much more. 

In these, VisualBoyAdvance is the best as it's easy to use and supported by all platforms. 


Similar Games


Mario Kart has its unique feature to make the players very engaging and competitive while playing. So, if you are into similar games like Super Circuit, then you should try playing other games in the Mario Kart series too. Three of them are:


  1. Mario Kart 64
    Mario Kart 64 comes under the second game in the Mario Kart series and is a successor of Super Mario Kart. It is a Kart racing video game where the characters from the Mario franchise would be the players. They race in the game with a variety of items which could either help the player or use to harm their opponent. The new feature added to this game, which differs from the rest of the game is players can collect more than one item at a time. Also, the first game to support slipstreaming. 

  2. Mario Kart DS
    Mario Kart DS comes under the fifth instalment in the Mario Kart series, which is a racing video game. The player races here as one of the twelve characters from the Mario series and four of the characters are unlockable. In this version, the player gets new items such as the Blooper, which blocks the vision of other players by spurting ink on them, and a Bullet Bill, which autopilots the track as the player transforms into a Bullet Bill. 

  3. Mario Kart 7
    The player races on the tracks and is one of the seventeen characters from the Mario series. The newly additional feature added to this game is hang-gliding attached for the Karts, which gives the player an ability to drive underwater and also customize the size of the vehicles. 


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