Mario Pinball Land

File Name:Mario Pinball Land (U).zip
Year of release:2004

Mario Pinball Land ROM Download for GBA


It's a pinball video game released in 2004 by Nintendo for the game boy advance console. The game name is Super Mario Ball, but in North America, it is known as Mario Pinball Land. For the Game boy advance, it's the ninth Mario game and also a spinoff of the super Mario game franchise. Mario for years have done several things, like jumping on koopalings, playing tennis, golf, racing, etc and with this game, Mario ventures into the world of pinball. This game is one of the most majestic Gameboy Advance games visually. The title justifies the game as it is a pinball game in the Mario land. Every area of the game has taken inspiration from the previous Mario games worlds like Mario 64, Super Mario Bros., and Mario World etc. This game consists of a haunted mansion; slippery ice, and a puzzling pyramid. Increasing the points are essential, but the real objective is to defeat the boss of each world and get the four special keys. These keys will unlock the castle to the evil Bowser. 


To go forward in the game, Mario has to collect stars to open precise doors. There are a total of thirty-five stars to collect. Mario has to explore different areas to save the princess. Five other worlds are present, and each one is guarded by a boss. The worlds consist of the main starting area: Funfair, Frosty Frontier, Shifting Sands, Grassy

Greens and Bowser's Castle. There is a series of rooms in each world. Inside each room, there are hazards and enemies. At the bottom of each room, there is a pair of flippers and doorways at the top. The basic theme of the game is to use the flippers to send Mario into the enemies in the room where he has to collect the stars and coins, and then slap him into the next room to do the same. There are also underwater rooms that are interconnected . Mario won't die if he bumps into the enemy, he can lose a life if he falls down the drain. Whenever Mario falls down a drain, most of the time he ends up in the previous room. Now, here is the real challenge, if players drop out of a room before Mario cleans it out, then everything in it will reset the next time.


Best Emulator for Mario Pinball Land

You will require a Game boy advance emulator to play this game on your choice of device. GBA emulator allows you to play any GBA games on any operating systems whether windows, Linux, Mac or Android. For that, there are many options available such as: for windows; the best option is Visual Boy Advance (VBA), Boycott Advance. If you are an android user you can use; My boy, John GBA lite and GBA emulator 1.5. If you are on a Mac operating system then you should use; Visual boy advance 2.0.2

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