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File Name: Mother 1 2 (J)(Trashman).zip
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Region: Japan
Year of release: 2005
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Mother 1+2 ROM Download for GBA


Mother 1+2, released in the year 2003, is a type of role-playing video game that is a combination of the two games in the Mother series, Mother and Mother 2 - Giygas Strikes Back, which is also known as EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound respectively. HAL Laboratory developed the game for the Game Boy Advance. 


Even though both the games are similar, it has different characters who travel through the same premise. Also, Ninten and Ness, the main two characters in Mother 1 and EarthBound, are quite similar. Some of the significant differences from the previous game are the graphics and sounds which have been modified, where screens are now more zoomed.  


The changes made in Mother are where the player can play fluid moves just like in EarthBound, the moving of the map in the overworld is not based on tile, and the change in SMAAAASH!! Icon. Also, here the player can use the Sing command in any battle, unlike its original version. In the case of Mother 2, the notable changes made were in the controls and music of the game. 


Best Emulator for Mother 1+2 ROM



If you wish to play Mother 1+2 ROM, then you need to run an emulator known as Game Boy Advance on your device. The best Game Boy Advance emulators you can run on MAC are BoyCott Advance, which is lightweight and easily emulates GBA games, mGBA, and OpenEmu. If the device you are using is Microsoft Windows, then Mednafen, VisualBoyAdvance, iDeaS, PCSX2, DeSmuMe, NO$GBA, higan, ePSXe, and so on would be great GBA emulators. 


Similar Games


As we know, Mother 1+2 is a combination of two games, so if you liked playing this version of the game, you would even like its original versions and other new versions. So, I have listed down the games below. 


  1. Mother
    The game Mother, which is also known as EarthBound Beginnings, is a type of role-playing video game and comes under the first entry in the Mother series. Here, Mother follows around the young Ninten as he tries to use his great-grandfather's experimental studies on psychic energies to battle hostile, formerly lifeless objects and other enemies. 

  2. EarthBound
    EarthBound is a type of role-playing video game and comes under the second entry in the Mother series. The game revolves around Ness, and his group, Jeff, Poo, and Paula. The player here travels around the world to gather melodies from the eight Sanctuaries in order to conquer the universal cosmic destroyer Giygas, who is also known as Gyiyg or Giegue. And, just like its predecessor, EarthBound Beginnings, the player does not randomly go to encounter enemies. 

  3. Mother 3
    Mother 3 is also a role-playing action video game and is the last entry in the Mother series. Hre, the game follows around the character named Lucas, who is a young boy with supernatural powers, and a party of characters as they strive to stop a strange invading army from corrupting and destroying the world. 
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