Pokemon Sapphire

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File Name: Pokemon Sapphire (E)(Independent).zip
Console/System: GBA
Genre: Role-Playing
Filesize: 4.71MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2002
Downloads: 4934

Pokémon Sapphire (G) ROM Download for GBA


It is a role-playing video game developed by Nintendo for game boy advance in the year 2002. Pokémon fans will get what exactly they desire. Pokémon first launched in 1997, and since then it's a constant hit. Pokémon sapphire will not disappoint you; it's a good-looking, fun to play and have lots of variety. Pokémon Sapphire take place in the Hoenn region. Hoenn has many smaller islands, and the sea dominates part of the area. You will play either a girl or a boy set on the journey to becoming the world's greatest Pokémon master. 


Game Plot

The main protagonist of the game is a child who has moved to a town named Littleroot. At the beginning of the game, to protect professor Birch from Poochyena, the player choose Treecko, Mudkip, or Torchic. After saving the professor, the player will receive a starter Pokémon. He begins with one Pokémon but later can capture many more with the Pokeball. The player's rival is professor Birch's child, who is also a Pokémon trainer. The main game goals are- to defeat the Gym leaders, challenge the Elite four to become the new champion and to complete the Pokedex. When the player sees a wild Pokémon or receives a challenge from another master, then the screen changes into a battle screen. All Pokémon's have Hitpoint, and when this point becomes zero, that means it cannot fight anymore and will faint.


Features of the game

  1. Side Quests
    Apart from defeating the gym leaders and becoming a Pokémon master, there are side quests also. The most fantastic subplot is Team Aqua, who wants to change the climate of the Hoenn with the help of Pokémons. They try to use Kyogre, to flood the landmasses of Hoenn and increase the ocean region. Before facing the final gym leader, the players have to face the leader of Team Aqua.  
    The other subplots include the player's father who introduces them to Wally, a sick young boy whom the player helps catch a Pokémon. Wally ultimately overcomes his illness and becomes a successful Pokémon trainer, and eventually becomes the final challenger the player faces before the Elite Four.

  2. Double and Multi Battles
    The next impressive feature is double battles, in which each opposite parties use two Pokémon at the same time. Certain Pokémon moves can affect multiple fighters at once. Along with double battles, there are multi-battle also. In this battle there are two trainers to a side, each controlling one of the two Pokémon sent out.

  3. New Abilities
    New abilities and nature are also present in Pokémon sapphire which allow their holders certain powers during battles such as strengthening a move or immunity against the motion. They affect the strength of the Pokémon.

Best Emulator for Pokémon Sapphire

To run this ROM, you will require game boy advance emulator. It is a 32-bit Game Boy system. It is the fifth console in the Game Boy Family. You can use visual boy advance- M emulator for windows, Mac, and My boy emulator for android.


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