Shining Force - Resurrection Of The Dark Dragon

File Name:Shining Force - Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (U).zip
Genre:Role Playing
Year of release:2004

Yoshi's Safari ROM Download for SNES 


Yoshi's Safari, released in the year 1993, is a light gun shooter video game that comes under the Yoshi, Mario video games series. Nintendo R&D1 developed the game, and Nintendo published it for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the only game in the Mario franchise to feature first-person shooter gameplay. 


Game Plot


The story begins when Mario and Yoshi, his pet dinosaur, go on a quest to protect and save their Kingdom of Jewelry Land from the evil antagonist Bowser and his Koopalings as they have kidnapped the Kingdom's rulers and stolen 12 gems. 




The game has 12 levels where the player sits on the dinosaur's back and shoots enemies using Super Scope at Goombas and Koopas, and collects coins and power-ups. When the player fires the Super Scope, they will drop a power gauge, while firing too quickly will deplete it and induce long pauses between shots, making players weaker to enemy attacks. At the end of each level, the player battles a boss fight with Bowser or an enemy, such as a Koopaling. 

The player in Yoshi's Safari will earn an extra life if they collect 60 coins. Additionally, they will lose their life if they fail to finish the level within the allotted time, if they fall in a pit with less than three coins, or if enemies deplete their health bar. 


Best Emulator for Yoshi's Safari ROM


To play Yoshi's Safari ROM, you need to download and install a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator on your device. A few of the best emulators you can download to play Yoshi's Safari are BESNES, higan, JOHN NES, Nestopia UE, NES.emu, and OpenEmu, and SNES9X. 


Similar Games


If you loved playing Yoshi's Safari, then you will also like other video games in Yoshi's video games series. A few of the similar games to Yoshi's Safari include:


  1. Yoshi's Story
    It is a side-scrolling platform video game that is more puzzle-oriented, with the most challenge in the game being tied to a high score's strategic performance. The game takes place in a pop-up storybook and features vivid pre-rendered 3D graphics, embellishing worlds that are made from various materials, such as wood, plastics, cardboard, and fabrics. Additionally, there are two game modes Trail Mode and Story Mode. The player's goal in each course is to fill the Fruit Frame by eating 30 portions of fruit.

  2. Yoshi's Universal Gravitation
    It is a platform video game that features a built-in tilt sensor to handle the game's environment. The story begins when Bowser begins wreaking destruction on Yoshi's Island, and a book spirit named Hongo catches the entire island. Each course in the game is controlled by a spirit and each with particular obsessions. So, the player needs to meet their requirements to pass to the next level. 

  3. Yoshi's Woolly World
    It is a side-scrolling video game that comes under the seventh entry in the Yoshi video games series. The game takes place on a knitted island stuffed with many Yarn Yoshis of fluctuating patterns. The evil Magikoopa Kamek uses nearly all the Yoshis into yarn packets for his master Baby Bowser, spreading them across several worlds. Moreover, Yoshi's produce balls of yarns in this game. 


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