Sonic Pinball Party

File Name:Sonic Pinball Party (U) (M6).zip
Year of release:2003
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Sonic Pinball Party ROM Download for GBA


Sonic Pinball Party is a video game launched for the Game Boy Advance gaming console platform in 2003. It was also embarked on a Twin Pack cartridge packaged with Sonic Battle and Sonic Advance separately in 2005. The game's story is set in Casinopolis, where Doctor Eggman transforms individuals betting into robots and then pressurizes Amy Rose and Miles "Tails" Prower. In order to save his friends, Sonic must win a pinball competition called the "Egg Cup Tournament."


Game Plot 


The motive of the game is to achieve as many points as possible. The player begins each match with three pinballs, and everyone shoots onto the playfield from the plunger. When the pinball rolls into the hole on the table's bottom part, the player loses a ball and should attempt again with another. Losing every one of the three pinballs ends the pinball match. The player can control every pinball on the table by using the two flippers set on the bottom part of the table or the solitary flipper set in the upper right half of the table and shake the pinball table in three ways. With these strategies, the player can make the pinball sling and hit one of the pinball tables' targets to earn points.


Best Gaming Emulator for Sonic Pinball Party


Play Sonic Pinball Party and other GBA games on your preferred operating system with the help of emulators. Many emulators are accessible, which can change your gaming perspective based upon their specifications. Higan emulator is an excellent emulator as it supports both new and old operating systems with no issues at all. This emulator also supports audio and video recording and comes with the feature of saving your game whenever you want. The second alternative for Higan emulator is VisualBoy Advance emulator, which also supports GBA games. Using this emulator, you get full assistance for texture filtering, pixel and resolution settings, and 3D settings, supporting Multisampling Anti-Aliasing. Other GBA emulators are DeSmuME, PCSX2, and ePSXe.


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