Spyro - Season Of Ice

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Year of release: 2001
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Spyro - Season Of Ice ROM Download for GBA


Spyro - Season Of Ice, released in 2001, is a platform video game that acts as an alternate sequel to Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs and Spyro 2: Season of Flame, along with the first three games in the series. Digital Eclipse developed the game, and Universal Interactive Studios published it for the Game Boy Advance. The game revolves around Spyro, a dragon, and Sparx, who is on their holiday with Hunter and Bianca. 




The main objective in Spyro - Season of Ice is to free fairies from their ice jails and to advance from realm to realm before beating Grendor. Here, Spyro, the leading player, starts the game in the Autumn Fairy Home, one of the four seasonal fairy areas in the game. In each realm, the player can collect gems, ignite unique objects like pumpkins, destroy critters like sheep to heal the butterflies. Hunter and Bianca in different spots can give hints and can even break baskets for more gems. Also, Spyro can never lose life in the seasonal realms, with no enemies present and the fairy magic power shielding him from drowning in the water. And, the domains link to various places via portals. The players can access these portals by obtaining several fairies, indicated next to the level name. 



Best Emulator for Spyro - Season Of Ice ROM



If you wish to play Spyro - Season Of Ice, then you have to run a Game Boy Advance emulator on your device. Because, without downloading and installing an emulator for this game, you can not play them. So, the best Game Boy Advance emulators that you can download for your device if it is Microsoft Windows are NO$GBA, Visual Boy Advance, mGBA, higan, BatGBA, and so on. If the device you have is MAC, you can install Sixtyforce, KiGB, DeSmuMe, and Boycott Advance. 



Similar Games


After playing Spyro - Season Of Ice, you may even like other Spyro series games, which are similar. A few of them are listed below.


  1. Spyro: Year of the Dragon
    It is a platform video game where the game follows Spyro, a purple dragon, and traverses to the "Forgotten Worlds" after the evil sorceress steals 150 magical dragon eggs from the land of the dragons. The players progress across thirty separate worlds gathering eggs and gems. The game also introduced minigames and new characters with improved music and graphics. 

  2. Spyro 2: Season of Flame
    It is a platform video game and also the sequel to the Spyro - Season of Ice. The game focuses on the abduction of fireflies in the Dragon Realm at the hands of Rhynocs. And, this caused the dragons to lose their powers to breathe fire. The player here needs to recover these fireflies and uncover the culprit who did this theft. 

  3. Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs
    It is an isometric platform video game and is similar to the previous version of the game. However, the game has expanded more on collecting items and role-playing. 




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