WarioWare - Twisted

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File Name: WarioWare - Twisted! (U).zip
Console/System: GBA
Genre: Action
Filesize: 9.72MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2004
Downloads: 1649

WarioWare - Twisted ROM Download for GBA 


WarioWare - Twisted, released in 2004, is a party video game that comes under the third game in the WarioWare series and seventh in the overall Wario series. Along with Intelligent System, Nintendo SPD developed the game, and Nintendo published it for the Game Boy Advance. 




In WarioWare - Twisted, the game follows the WarioWare formula with a wide variety of different games that will only last for a few seconds. So, the players should be able to understand and clear their objectives within that short span. The game also features many unique gameplays, such as the Gyro Sensor, which helps the player recognize the handheld system's rotations. Most of the minigames need the player to rotate the system so that they can clear physically. The player may need to steer a plane, guide something through a maze, or empty the bins' contents. Moreover, the scoring in this game is different from the previous Wario game because the game only counts on how many games the player has won and not just the number of games played. 


Best Emulator for WarioWare - Twisted ROM


WarioWare - Twisted ROM needs an emulator called Game Boy Advance, which should be already downloaded and installed on your device if you wish to play the game. There are many incredible Game Boy Advance emulators available. A few of the best GBA emulators that you can use on Microsoft Windows include PSX emulator, higan, VisualBoyAdvance, ePSXe, NO$GBA, DeSmuMe, and much more. If you use MAC, you can run VisualBoyAdvance, DeSmuMe, Boycott Advance, Sixtyforce, and KiGB. 


Similar Games


Suppose you are a great fan of playing Wario series games and loved playing this version of WarioWare - Twisted like me. In that case, you should try playing other games in the WarioWare series, which have similar gameplays, as you will love them too. 


  1. WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Games!
    This is also a party video game, which is a remake of WarioWare's Mega Microgames. The game has the same gameplay as all WarioWare games, where the player needs to complete each minigame quickly within a few seconds. The game additionally has eight unique multiplayer gameplay modes where up to four players can be involved in the known microgames. Also, the game focuses more on multiplayer mode when compared to other games in the WarioWare series. 

  2. WarioWare: Touched!
    WarioWare: Touched is a compilation of minigames and a party video game under the fourth installment in the WarioWare series. Like the previous games in the series, where the player must complete minigames quickly, they even get instructions before each minigame such as Shoot, Rotate, or Find. 

  3. WarioWare: Snapped!
    In WarioWare: Snapped, there are four sets of a micro-mini game, which features one Mario, one featuring Kat and Ana, one featuring Jimmy T, and then one Mona. The game only has 20 microgames, and unlike the previous games, the player here gets more time to complete and play the microgames.


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