WWE Survivor Series

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File Name: 1715 - WWE Survivor Series (U)(Rising Sun).zip
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Year of release: 2004
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WWE Survivor Series ROM Download for GBA


Wrestling games like WWE have been a sensation in the youth as it provides wrestling action and combat with the favourite wrestling characters on the screen. Developed by Natsume, this game was released in 2004. There were mixed reviews by the critics and reviewing websites when it comes to WWE Survivor Series. Although graphics and props in the game were much enhanced than the previous versions of the WWE game, the missing feature of creating your wrestler was a central part of criticism by many reviewers. Lack of an exciting story has also been a cause for criticism, as stated by GameSpot. That's why the game is regarded as boring and unfulfilling in terms of the story mode. Even the combat system is not much engaging as every wrestler has almost the same basic moves in the game.




The game offers a total of 16 wrestlers from which you can choose to play and progress ahead in the game as your gameplay character builds up his reputation and ultimately gets inducted in either Smackdown or Raw, which are the two factions of the game. To compete for the championship belts, you first need to wrestle and win in qualifying matches against the opponents. There are eight types of matches that you can play, which are: Tag, cage, simple, submission, four-way, royal rumble, hardcore, and triple threat. You cannot create your wrestler in this game, but you have to choose from the roaster. When you play various modes in the game, you will witness story mode, multiplayer, and exhibition modes, which consist of multiple events and matches. You get more choice in multiplayer and exhibition mode where you can choose from any match type and seven different arenas, where you can also have multi-round tournaments. In case you win all the championship belts in a faction, whether Raw or Smackdown, you can then move to the other one, whichever it may be. 


Best Emulator for WWE Survivor Series


GameBoy Advance emulator provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to execute all the moves and abilities in a game, such as the WWE survivor series. Your game's progress is kept safe with the save states and load states features, which lets you save your game progress at any point and resume it whenever you want. You can play your favourite game with joystick support and even in full-screen mode to be more engaged with the game. Depending upon your operating system's choice, here are some alternatives: Visual Boy Advance, Higan, My Boy, John GBA, etc.


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