Mario Golf USA

In this game expect the main characters Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi, have added new characters made special for this game. The game is made easily from the real-life playing golf.

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File Name: Mario Golf (U) [C][!].zip
Console/System: GBC
Genre: Platform
Filesize: 1.04MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1999
Downloads: 770

Mario Golf USA ROM Download for GBC


Mario Golf, released in the USA in the year 1999, is a sports video game which includes role-playing video games too. Camelot Software Planning developed the game, and Nintendo published it for the GameBoy Color. The game features Mario and his friends, namely, Wario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi, whom the player can take control of and play golf along with their enemies on various courses of Mario-themes. Additionally, the game also introduces new characters, namely Charlie, Harry, Plum, Maple, and Sonny. 




Here the players can choose any course from a wide variety of methods and play golf as it is very easy to play, so it is called pick up and play the game. Even though the game Mario Golf is effortless to play and simple in appearance, the engine of the game is intense, and there is an abundance of variables that can change a shot. It includes rain, relief of the land, characters' attributes, wind strength and direction, and spin on the ball. There are many modes of gameplay, such as the skins match, speed golf, mini-golf, and ring shot. As an addition to this version, the game features Transfer Pak, where players can upload data and characters found on the GBC version to N64. 


Best Emulator for Mario Golf USA ROM


If you want to play Mario Golf USA ROM, then you have to download and run a GameBoy Color (GBC) emulator on the device, which you might use to play the game. There are many GameBoy Color emulators that are best for Windows PC, such as the Basic Boy, NO$GBA, Higan, Snes9x, BGB 1.5.3, and DeSmuMe. The GBC emulator that is great to run on MAC includes Visual Boy Advance, Boycott Advance, and OpenEmu. 


Similar Games


If you loved playing this sports video game, then you might even like other games in the Mario Golf series, which are some games similar to Mario Golf. So, I have listed down three related games that you might like. 


  1. NES Open Tournament Golf
    Just like all Mario games, the player takes control of Mario and plays his role along with Luigi, who is controlled by the second player. At specific points in the game, the Mario Bros. get advice from their caddies, Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. The game only offers three courses, namely the US course, the UK course, and the Japan course. 

  2. Mario Golf: Advance Tour
    This game is a sequel to Mario Golf, features an overworld where the players in the game can walk around and socialize with different objects and courses. There are four Golfing clubs in the overworld, namely Links, Marion, Dunes, and Palms, where the tournaments take place. To prove as the Ultimate Golfer, the players need to play in these tournaments. 

  3. Mario Golf: World Tour
    This is a golf simulation video game where the players control characters from the Mario franchise. With the help of the golf club, the player aims to hit the ball across a golf course to the target hole. The game also has an option to play online golf tournaments in multiplayer mode over finding other players to play. 
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