Donkey Kong Land

The main characters of the game are Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. You can choose one of the characters and defeat the enemies.

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File Name: Donkey Kong Land (U) [S][!].zip
Console/System: GB
Genre: Platform
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Region: EU
Year of release: 1995
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Donkey Kong Land ROM Download for GB


Donkey Kong Land is a 1995 platform video game designed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy gaming console. The game is the versatile sequel of the home console title Donkey Kong Country, for the SNES initially launched, which brought forth its franchise close to the main series. Donkey Kong Land was improved for the Super Game Boy and included a "banana yellow" cartridge later utilized for its other installments. Notwithstanding sharing an ordinary level concept, each game's level plan and story are unique and extraordinary.

Donkey Kong Land has gotten commonly positive comments from the fans and critics. GamePro and Electronic Gaming Monthly granted Donkey Kong Land Best Game Boy Game of 1995.


Game Plot


Donkey Kong Land has a straightforward story. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Cranky Kong are demonstrated thinking about their experience. Out of desire, Cranky Kong admonishes Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong about Donkey Kong Country's achievement, suggesting that it just did so well considering the detailed designs and sound on the Super NES. Aggravated, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong clarify they procured their prosperity due to the relaxed gameplay and not merely the sound and graphics. There are four universes in Donkey Kong Land, each containing seven levels, barring the principal world, which has an aggregate of nine levels. The galaxies, and the levels inside them, are generally novel to Donkey Kong Land yet follow relative level paradigms introduced in the first Donkey Kong Country.


Best Gaming Emulator for Donkey Kong Land


Donkey Kong Land can be best played on emulators like the GameBoy emulator. A significant number of the old games you need to play again or have not attempted at this point with GameBoy emulator help can encounter continuous execution. Both GameBoy and GameBoy Advance games are playable on the GameBoy emulator, comprising a broad scope of business games. Use cheat codes in the game to advance or to do some phenomenal stuff; with the assistance of save states and burden states, save your game advancement whenever and continue it at whatever point you need. A few emulators viable with various working frameworks are ClassicBoy Gold, EmuBox, MyBoy, My OldBoy, and some more.


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