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Game boy camera is a Nintendo accessory released in 1998 for the game boy console. The player can shoot photographs, edit or create, and transfer them between GBC units. The camera can rotate to 180 degrees that allows the users to take selfies. The cartridge of the GBC contains several mini-games. 

After taking the picture, the player can print it with the help of a Game boy printer. It was recognized as the world's smallest digital camera by the Guinness World Records during its release. At present, you can emulate this camera on your system.

Best GameBoy camera games

There are several in-game mini-games that the player can play. 


It is the remake of the game Ball released in 1980. The players take four pictures of their faces, and while playing the game, the face of the character changes between these pictures. To play Ball, the player has to shoot the space ship with a B.


If players shoot the spaceship with a D, they can access this game. In the game, the players create a tune if they press the select button and the d-pad. After the players make their song, they can hear it on the main menu. The players can alter the DJ's face on the game's menu. Face 1 is of a boy, and second is of a girl, and the third face is of the players. Cool! 

Space Fever II

Space Fever II is the sequel to the Space fever game released in 1979. At the start of the game, two ships drop with a label B and D. If the players shoot B, they get to the Ball game, and if they hit D, they get directed to the DJ game. If the players decide to shoot nothing, then they play the space fever II game. The players shoot the oncoming ships. The first shot has one bullet, second has two. Then again, this pattern starts. The first two bosses' faces are real people, and the third boss has the players' looks.

Run! Run! Run!

The players race against a bird and a groundhog in this game. Before the start of the game, players get the option to choose between three faces. Two of them are pre-recorded, and the third is the face of the players. To play this game, the players need to have 2000 points in Space fever II. After the players defeat this game, they get to raise a flag with N in its middle, which probably stands for Nintendo. 

Steps to download:

1. First step is to open the Web browser and search for Game boy camera ROM.

2. Download the installation file of the game boy camera but only from the trusted site. 

3. After the completion of the downloading process, click on the extension file twice and start the installation process

4. Now, follow all the windows installation instruction that comes on the screen.

5. Now, you can see the GBC icon on your desktop

6. Click on the icon to run the application and then enjoy your experience.

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