Mole Mania

File Name:Mole Mania (U) [S][!].zip
Year of release:1997

Mole Mania ROM Download for GB

Nintendo released the game in the year 1996 for the original Gameboy. The main character of the game is Muddy Mole. He comes home to find out that evil farmer Jinbe has kidnapped his family. That's the gist of the entire plot. 

Mole Mania is all about solving clever puzzles and out-thinking the enemy. There are in total eight levels, and in each level, there is a mixture of enemies, obstacles and items; you have to pass all of them to reach the exit. Muddy can throw cabbages and balls to destroy the barriers. This game requires forethought and cunningness to move forward.


The gameplay consists of Muddy moving a black ball to a gate at the exit to reach the next screen. He can throw, push or pull the black ball. He can also dig into the ground and find secretive paths around obstacles. Players have to be careful to choose where to dig; if the hole is in the wrong place, it could hinder their progress. If the player drops the ball into the hole, then the ball returns to the starting point. That's why the hole in the right place is significant. 


  1.  There are lots of variety present in the game. Along with the puzzles, there are boss fights and bonus games. If you defeat the boss, then you will get a raise in the points.

  2. There are excellent versus games. In a head-to-head match, players take turns playing Muddy and other players. Maggie, Muddy's wife, sometimes appears to help him dig holes. There are 16 different maps to play on, and players can choose from there with their choice of difficulty level. 

  3. The graphics in Mole Mania are good. There are many nice cut scenes throughout the game. The sound effects and music are also significant in this one and are well-crafted and very rich.

Best Emulator for Mole Mania

You can enjoy this game on your device with the help of a Game Boy emulator. Game Boy is one of the most popular video game emulators. If you want to enjoy the game on any operating system, then you can use a GB emulator. The best GB emulator for Windows is Visual boy advance, TGB dual, BizHawk, or BGB. For Mac, you can use Boycott advance, and for android, you can opt for My OldBoy! RetroArch is an open-source emulator so you can use it for any platform.

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