Pokemon Red and Blue 2-in-1

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File Name: Pokemon Red-Blue 2-in-1 (Unl) [S]_3722627542.exe
Console/System: GB
Genre: Role-playing
Filesize: 2.25MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1996
Downloads: 23662

Pokemon Red and Blue 2-in-1 ROM Download for GB


Pokemon Red and Blue 2-in-1 are role-playing video games designed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy gaming console platform. These games were initially launched in 1996 in Japan and later launched in North America and Australia in 1998. Junichi Masuda composed the music of these games on a Commodore Amiga computer. This computer only featured PCM sample playback and was later converted to the Game Boy. These games receive positive reviews from the world with an 88% aggregate score on GameRankings and are mostly known for their multiplayer features. In 2009, these games were there in the Guinness Book of World Records under the category of "Best selling role-playing game of all time."

Here, the player controls the character who is from an elevated outlook and follows him throughout the fictional area of Kanto to become a master in Pokemon battling. The main objective of these games is to become the champion of the Indigo League by conquering the 8 Gym Leaders and then the top 4 Pokemon trainers in the Elite Four. There is also another objective where you need to complete the Pokedex by collecting all the 151 available Pokemon.


Best Emulator for Pokemon Red and Blue 2-in-1


With emulators, you can play and enjoy Game Boy gaming console platform games like Pokemon Red and Blue and many other games on your PCs, smartphones, and various platforms. My first suggestion for the emulator is the mGBA emulator, which is an option that you can certainly consider. It offers to cheat codes support and provides the ability to enable ROM patches and to override a game. Also, you can look up VisualBoy Advance emulator. Whether your operating system is old or new doesn't matter because it supports all of them. To make your experience even more worthwhile, this emulator provides a lot of advanced features.


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  1. Pokemon Gold and Silver: Pokemon Gold and Silver game is very similar to the Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow as the same type of blueprint has been used in this game. A character travels the land to turn into the best Pokemon coach on the planet, but there are many obstacles in the path he must pass through to achieve greatness.

  2. Pokemon- SoulSilver: In this game, you can use various abilities and powers outside the battle to get to new areas and territories. You pursue new pokemon and power them up through reiterated battles in nature. Pokemon in this game are of different sorts, and many have incredible abilities that are much restricted or more helpless against other sorts.

  3. Pokemon Emerald Version- Pokemon Emerald Version game was released in 2004 and was designed by Game Freak, distributed by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the GBA gaming console platform. It was first launched in Japan in 2004 and was later delivered globally in 2005. It is an upgraded adaptation of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and is important for the third era of the Pokemon video game series. 


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