Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life

File Name:Harvest Moon - Another Wonderful Life (USA).7z
Year of release:2004

Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life ROM Download for GameCube


Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life, released in the year 2004 in Japan and 2005 in the USA, is a simulation role-playing video game which is the female version of the game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Marvelous Interactive developed the game, and Natsume published it for the GameCube. New features and items were added and introduced with slight changes in the gameplay too. 


In Another Wonderful Life, the game focuses on the main character, who is a young woman from a city. She inherits some run-down farm after the death of her father in Forget Me Not Valley. So, here, with the help of her father's friend, the player attempts to yield and make the farm successful. 




The player begins the game by growing crops and breeding the animals they have from the initial stage. Apart from this, the players here have the ability to court three bachelor men and then later marry any one of them when the first chapter of the story ends. There are six chapters in the game, where the player progresses and shows their journey from young adulthood till their old age. 


Best Emulator for Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life ROM


You need to download and run a GameCube emulator on your device first if you wish to play the Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life game. You can run GameCube emulators on platforms such as MAC, Android, and Windows PC. One of the best GameCube emulators that run on all platforms is Dolphin. There are even other emulators that you can use, like the SuperGCube, Whine Cube, GCEMU, and Dowlin. 


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