Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

File Name:Mario Golf - Toadstool Tour (USA).7z
Year of release:2003

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour ROM Download for GameCube


It is a sports game released in 2003 by Nintendo, and it's the second title in the Mario Golf series. Well, Mario is always a versatile guy. Apart from the platforming, he's a go-kart driver, doctor and now he is a golfer. The game features various elements and characters from the Mario series. Sixteen playable characters are present, twelve already available, and four are unlockable, and each has its statistics and different playing style. There is the primary mode, where the tournaments happen, and a few alternative ones to practice or play different variations. There is also a dual-mode where two players can play as a team. In the character match mode, the players play against the AI character, and if they win, this will result in the gain of a star character. With the GameCube Gameboy advance cable's help, the players can transfer Mario Golf's character: Advance Tour and Mario Golf: Toadstool. It's not just a standard game with a single shot; there are various versions. In ring-shots large floating rings are placed around the course, and the players have to put the ball through them to win. There're lots of side games that guarantee a fair amount of playtime.


It is a golf game combining characters, enemies, and themes from the Mario franchise. As in a typical golf game, the objective is to hit the ball into the hole using as few strokes as possible. Before starting the game, players choose a club, range for the ball, and a general direction. During the swing, the player regulates power using a timing button marker to stop at the preferred point on a power meter. The players can influence the direction of the ball with the application of spin. They can also alternate between manual and auto shots. Individual statistics of each character affect the many aspects of the gameplay, like spin.


Best Emulator for Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

The best GameCube emulator for this game is Dolphin; it's the most well-known emulator. This emulator enhances the performance of all kinds of GameCube games. There are always regular performance updates and new features. It comes with features like cheat codes, action replay, supports multiplayer, and so on. Thus, to play the games that you love has become convenient and easy.


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