Mario Power Tennis (E)

File Name:Mario Power Tennis (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).zip
Year of release:2004

Mario Power Tennis (E) ROM Download for the GameCube


Mario Power Tenni, released in early 2005 in Europe, is a sports game called the sequel to the Mario Tennis by Nintendo 64 and the fourth game in the series of Mario Tennis. Nintendo published and Camelot Software Planning developed the game for the GameCube. 




Power Tennis combines locations, multiple characters, and themes from the Mario series. The game involves classic tennis matches but comprises modifications that feature various scoring formats and purposes. Other game alternatives include Gimmick courts, which are thematic areas with elements and properties that quickly affect the gameplay. 

The player earns the points whenever they make a winning shot, following official rules. The player here wins a match once the estimated number of points gets surpassed or equaled. A similar mode of play called Item Battle includes where the characters use items based on the Mario universe to conflict with each other's game and get an advantage. 

The game's fundamental mode is the Tournament Mode, which contains many events with expanding challenges. The player must finish this set of circumstances successfully to unlock playable characters. 


Best Emulator for Mario Power Tennis ROM?


To play Mario Power Tennis, you have to download and install the emulators supported by the game. Here, you need to have GameCube emulators on your device to play the game. Some of the finest GameCube emulators which can be run on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows PC are Dolphin emulator, GCEMU, Dolwin GameCube emulator, Whine Cube, SuperGCube, and so on. 


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  1. Mario Tennis: Power Tour
    The gameplay of Power Tour is just like Mario Power Tennis's gameplay. The Players can play tennis with other characters, in both singles and doubles. There are also various mechanics such as slice, Power Shots, and topspin. There are both Defensive Power Shots and Offensive Power Shots in the Power Shots, which are gained further in the game.

  2. Mario Tennis Open
    The Players can join in regular tennis matches but also play specific alternatives with different objectives and rules. There are twenty-four other playable characters available in this game, where each has unique qualities that can benefit the player. Their skill includes offense or defense and speed. 

  3. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
    Here the players can select any character from the 16 characters to play one-on-one matches or two-on-two matches. There are four modes in Metro Tennis: Ultra Smash, such as Online mode, enabling the player to team-up, Mega Battle, which gives the ability to use Mega Mushroom, Classic Tennis, and the Knockback Challenge.


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