Need For Speed Most Wanted

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File Name: Need for Speed - Most Wanted (USA).7z
Console/System: GameCube
Genre: Action
Filesize: unknown
Region: USA
Year of release: 2005
Downloads: 64775

Need For Speed Most Wanted ROM Download for GameCube

It is an open-world racing game released in 2012 and later was also ported to GameCube. It's the nineteenth game in the Need for Speed game franchise. GBA version is a simple series of events with career modes and a quick play. There are seventy-five different events, and completing these events earns you cash and respect. The racing events are similar like any other race game with time attack, race circuit and point to point competitions, but there is one exclusive event in Need for speed, and that is Barricade. The racing is enjoyable and reliable. Need for Speed Most Wanted GBA version is a fantastic racing game.

Game Plot

The game begins when the player arrives in Rockport as a newcomer to the local street racing scenario. Soon after the player gets involved with the Blacklist (a list of the most infamous racers in Rockport), he challenges Razor who is ranked fifteen on the Blacklist. The player loses the race because the car engines get sabotaged and lose his BMW to Razor. He also gets arrested by the police department but due to the lack of evidence, the player gets released from the police station with the help of Mia. She informs him that Razor has now become number one in the Blacklist. The only goal of the player is to now defeat Razor. This time the player beats Razor. Cross sends him to the police department along with the player as he wants to arrest all the Blacklist racers.
In the final sequence, the player evades the arrest, and Cross adds his name to the National Most Wanted list. 


  1. Variety of Races
    Races are relatively diverse: there are simple circuit races, speed races and sprint races. After getting good standing in the race, the player receives perks such as different gear set, off-road tyres and more.

  2. Ambush Events
    In this event, the player has to dodge the police. The races show different sides of the city to lose the police forces.

  3. Multiplayer
    Players can drive around the city with friends in a private version, smashing into each other. Apart from races, there are challenges like who can do the longest drift or who can make the longest jump and many more. It's a lot of fun, flawless and seamless.

Best Emulator for Need for Speed Most Wanted

This game requires a GameCube emulator to run on your device successfully. For windows, you can use GB Enhanced+, Higan or Mednafen. If you are on Mac operating system, then you should go for Boycott Advance or mGBA. For the Android user, you can try Gameboid or John GBA. Use any of the emulators according to your device and enjoy the game.

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