Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door (E)

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File Name: Paper Mario - The Thousand-Year Door (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).zip
Console/System: GameCube
Genre: Role-Playing
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Region: Europe
Year of release: 2004
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Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door (E) ROM Download for GameCube 


Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door, released in the year 2004, is a type of role-playing video game that is the second game in the Paper Mario series. The Intelligent System developed the game for the GameCube. 


Game Plot


The Thousand-Year Door revolves around Mario, who is on a quest to save Princess Peach from the X-Nauts and attempts to reclaim the seven Crystal Stars. Mario has special abilities that enable him to make unique moves to the overworld, and they are all based on paper themes. 




The game comprises many gameplay features from its predecessor game Paper Mario such as the turn-based system, which focuses more on the action, and a drawing-based art style. Even though the player can take control of Princess Peach and Bowser at a certain point, most of the players control Mario. 

In the turn-based system, the players can select defense, attack, or select item from a menu, which gets expanded when they press the time button, and this can result in high defense or attack bonuses when performed rightly.


Best Emulator for Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door ROM


Games like Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door need to run an emulator called GameCube on your device if you want to play the game. GameCube emulators had better graphics and audio quality. It even supports platforms such as iOS, Windows PC, and Android.

GameCube emulators that are good for your device include Dolphin, which supports all platforms, Dolwin, Whine Cube, SuperGCube, and GCEMU. 


Similar Games


Among the Mario video games, there are many other games too, which are equally impressive as this version. Three of the Thousand-Year Door related games are:


  1. Mario + the Rabbids Kingdom Battle
    The game's story revolves around Mario, which the player controls, his friends and an organization of Rabbids dressed like them, who deals with the consequence of a sudden attack by a group of Rabbids, who have unexpectedly misused a powerful invention that has caused chaos to the Mushroom Kingdom.

  2. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
    Unlike the rest of the Mario games, the gameplay here is different as the game focuses on controlling both Mario and Luigi at the same time. The game starts with them being fit to jump independently, though they would soon get access to use hammers and different kinds of other techniques as the game advances. 

  3. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
    The game follows the characters Luigi, Baby Luigi, Mario, and Baby Luigi as they try to search for Princess Peach, who was kidnapped by the Alien species known as Shroobs. The gameplay focuses on the co-operation among the quartet, who should use their unique qualities and abilities to resolve puzzles to advance through the game and also highlights multiple role-playing game components. 


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