Sonic Gems Collection

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Sonic Gems Collection ROM Download for GameCube


Sonic Gems Collection is a compilation of Sega video games released in 2005. The emulated games extent to multiple genres and game consoles from Sega Saturn to Sega Genesis. The game maintains most of the features of their initial release. Whenever the player progresses, he gets rewarded with the demos of the other Sonic games. One can say it’s a collection of obscure video games. The main focus is on Sonic the Hedgehog games like Sonic the fighters and Sonic CD, and it also consists of the six games released for the Game Gear. These games are of the different genre such as puzzles, platforming, pinball and fighting. There are also two unlockable games Vectorman and Vectorman 2. Both of them have fantastic gameplay. These game series combine unique action sequence and boss battle; they are worth playing. 


The games collection


Let us look at some of the games collection on this CD.

  1. Sonic CD
    Sonic the Hedgehog CD the highlight of this disc. Dr Robotnik is out to conquer the time powers of the enigmatic Little Planet. Sonic needs to travel through different periods to recover the Time stones and save the planet. It is the best playable game in this package. 
    Key feature- time travel is the key element of this game and set this game apart. 

  2. Sonic: the fighters
    It’s a fighting game that features eight characters who form the opponents of the first eight steps of the game. The Metal Sonic is the final boss. After beating the stage, the players get a Chaos Emerald and goes to the next scene. After collecting all the eight emeralds, the players will get a Death egg in the final level.
    Key feature- each character has a different throwing move.

  3. Sonic R
    It is a foot racing game. Sonic and his friends run through the racetrack levels on foot except for Dr Robotnik, and Amy Rose. Each track comprises hidden Chaos Emeralds and emblems that the player should collect to unlock new characters like Eggrobo.
    Key features- there is Time Attack mode with a twist that challenges the players to collect the balloons hidden on the track to challenge the other characters in the race. In the multiplayer mode, two players can race together.

    Sonic CD, Sonic R, and Sonic the Fighter these three games are the strongest in the collections. The other games are Sonic Spinball (Game Gear), Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear), Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble, Tails Adventure, Tails Sky Patrol and Sonic Drift Racing. 


Best Emulator for Sonic Gems Collection

You have to download and install the GameCube emulator to play this game on your device. The best GameCube emulator is the Dolphin emulator, and it's a free open source game emulator. It can run on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android and can quickly and successfully run commercial games. It has high compatibility, many features and steady development progress.


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