Battletoads main task is to defeat the Dark Queen that occupated there planet and to try rescue there partners who were kidnapped by the evil Dark Queen.

File Name:btoads.zip
Year of release:1991

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It's a scrolling beat em up arcade game released in 1994 by Rare. In this game, up to three players play as the Battletoads and fight against mutant rodents and aliens to save the world from the villainous Dark queen. There are a total of six levels, along with vertical and bonus levels and each Toad has a unique special attack. This game has all the ingredients required for a solid franchise. From its distinct characters to gameplay and difficulty, it is an excellent beat-em-up. It provides variety in the game stage and also is a great deal of fun.


Three players play as Battletoads; Rash, Pimple and Zitz to fight the Dark Queen. Toads have varied fighting styles: Rash is agile, Pimple is hefty, and Zitz is a balance of the two. The game breaks the fourth wall as the Toads can knock enemies off-screen and they appear to fly towards the players. To regenerate their health, toads can eat flies. Each Toad has its signature attack and power in which their limbs turn into objects like drills and axes. Many enemies are present like snowmen, mutants, rodents and aliens. There is a unique theme in each level and ends with a boss battle. Some of the bosses are from the previous series like General slaughter. In one of the levels, toads have to wear jetpacks and go down a tunnel, and in the final one, they have to shoot enemies from their vehicles.

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