Dig Dug

All you need is to kill the monsters under the surface with air or drop rocks on them.

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File Name: digdug1.zip
Console/System: Mame
Genre: Maze
Filesize: 46.42KB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1982
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Dig Dug ROM Download for Mame


Designed and published by Namco, Dig Dug is an arcade video game launched in 1982 for MAME. Shouichi Fukatani programmed this game, and he has also worked earlier on many games that were developed by Namco. Yuriko Keino did the composition part for the music. This game comes under the category of "strategic digging game" by Namco because of its excellent game plan used to battle against rivals. Dig Dug receives positive reviews for its addictive gameplay, strategy, and characters, and become a famous title in many arcade video games. This game earned an aggregate revenue of US $47 million and sold more than 22,000 units by the end of 1982.


The player needs to control the character where the objective is to defeat all the enemies in every level. This can either be done by blowing them with an air pump until they get crushed below the large rocks. Bonus points are also awarded for defeating multiple enemies simultaneously with a single rock. As soon as all the enemies are defeated, you can progress to the next level of the game.


Best Emulator for Dig Dug


You can use MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) emulators to play Dig Dug across various platforms. One of the most prominent MAME emulators is MAME Plus. This application has features like multilingual support, customized video effects, and much more. MAME Plus is a free and open-source emulator which was launched by Nicola Salmoria in 1997. This application can offer you real gaming experience as it enhances the 3D graphics of a game. You can also use various other MAME emulators like KBMAME, SmoothMAME, WPC MAME, and many more.


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