Donkey Kong 3

Interested shooter game . You are placed below the Donkey Kong and you need to shoot all the obstacles on your way.

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Region: Japan
Year of release: 1983
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Donkey Kong 3 ROM Download for Mame


The game was released in 1984 for the arcades and is the third instalment in the Donkey Kong series. As compared to the previous games, the gameplay is different in this part, as it's more of a shooter than a platformer. The game's premise is that Stanley is a Bugman, and Donkey Kong is hidden in his greenhouse. Stanley has to stop the Kong from spreading more insects that will kill his flowers. It is now up to Stanley to prevent the ape from affecting the health of his flowers. Stanley protects the flowers by spraying bug spray on Donkey Kong. 


Game Plot 


The players take the role of Stanley, and with a can of bug spray, it's up to the players to blast the bees, worms, and Donkey Kong to keep the flora safe and drive the intruders out. As Donkey Kong comes down from the ceiling, the players use bug-spray to knock him back to the top while fighting the bees, crawlies, and butterflies. Each stage base has connected platforms, so the players have to shoot and jump. The amount of flowers players left at the end of the stage determines the bonus. There are three stages with different enemies' types and various attacks. A super spray power-up lets the player kill a large swarm of bees and spam the Donkey Kong into the sky with the charged up can. However, it's for a limited time effect only. Donkey Kong 3 is a classic and a hit in the arcade version; to play this game again on their devices is a treat for the fans. It's a fun, unique platformer and shooter game. 

Best Emulator for Donkey Kong 3


You can play this game with a MAME emulator. It's always good when the players get the chance to play their favourite arcade game and live the experience all over once again. MAME emulator makes it possible; it allows you to play all the vintage classic games; you have to download and install it. If your device is windows, then you should download MAME 0.204b, or you can also use RetroArch. If you are looking for Android platforms, then you can use MAME4droid or Tiger arcade. SDL Mame is the emulator for the macOS. 

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