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Year of release:1982

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Released in 1982, Joust is an arcade video game designed and published by William Electronics for MAME. This game is famous for the concept of two-player cooperative gameplay and is much more successful than its predecessors. Here, the player needs to control a knight riding a flying ostrich with a joystick and the buttons. The main focus of Joust is to successfully pass each level by defeating the group of enemy knights mounting buzzards. Joust received many positive reviews by critics and in arcades where the game mechanics influenced other games. Also, in 1996, this game was listed at 83rd spot in the "Top 100 games of all time" by Next Generation.




The user playing the game must control a yellow knight riding a flying ostrich. The player follows the character around the game world, which contains rocks platforms hovering above a flat island all covered by lava. The horizontal direction in which the knight travels is controlled by the joystick, whereas the buttons agitate the ostrich's wings. The goal is to battle against the waves of enemy knights and defeat them. At each level, you will be experiencing a new challenge. When the enemy is defeated, it transforms into a falling egg which can be accumulated for gaining points.


Best Emulator for Joust 


You can use MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) emulators to play Joust ROM across various platforms. One of the most prominent MAME emulators is MAME Plus. This application has features like multilingual support, customized video effects, and much more. MAME Plus is a free and open-source emulator which was launched by Nicola Salmoria in 1997. This application can offer you real gaming experience as it enhances the 3D graphics of a game. You can also use various other MAME emulators like KBMAME, SmoothMAME, WPC MAME, and many more.


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