Metal Slug 4

This is the fourth addition to the game with even more weapons, enemies, bosses and challenging stages.

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File Name: mslug4.zip
Console/System: Mame
Genre: Run and gun
Filesize: 61.96MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2002
Downloads: 7335

Metal Slug 4 ROM Download for Mame


It's a run and gun video game that was released in 2002for console/arcade platform. The game is the fourth installment in the Metal slug series. The gameplay and the plot are somewhat similar to the previous games with new bosses, enemies, vehicles, weapons, and a bonus combo system. 

The player spends most of the time running and gunning as it is a run and gun game!! The player uses an array of machine guns, lasers, rockets, and other high-powered weaponry against packs of enemy soldiers, pirates, angry natives, planes, tanks, submarines, and so on. There are also slugs in the game, as in the title; they are tank-like vehicles that shield the player from enemy attacks and cause more damage. The players can upgrade the weapon's fire-power if they pick up the power-up.

The level design is vital in Metal Slug 4, and it offers plenty of variation in each of the stages. There's a new addition in the game, a bonus scoring system that allows the players to get rewards that depend on how many enemies they kill in the allotted time. A time meter appears on the top of the screen, and if the players survive the level, they get bonus points.

Game Plot

The story takes place a year after the events of Metal Slug 3. A deadly and mysterious Cyber virus threatens to destroy the national military computer system. Marco Rossi, Fiorina Germi, Nadia Cassel, and Trevor Spacey investigate the case. They discover that Amadeus Syndicate, a wealthy terrorist organization, is behind this plan and has formed an alliance with General Morden's Rebel Army. The group battles against Amadeus' forces and hopes to destroy the cyber virus before it wipes the world's military computer system. In the final stage, the group finds an underground where Morden manufactures his Android doubles. The player confronts the organization leader, Dr. Amadeus, and defeats and traps him in his own devices. The base then self-destructs. If the player escapes from this destruction, the game gets over with all the members enjoying a feast. But, if the player gets hurt in the explosion, the character is shown lying in the hospital. 

Best Emulator for Metal Slug 4

To play this classic retro game on your device, you will need a MAME emulator. One of the best in the industry is Advance MAME, and it supports both Windows and Mac platforms. For android, the best emulator is MAME4droid, it runs flawlessly on android devices, and it's perfect for your gaming experience. 


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