Ninja Spirit

The story of the game is about the ninja boy Tsukikage who lost his father against the half-human, half-monster creature and he is on his way to revenge his father's death.

File Name:nspirit.zip
Year of release:1988

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Ninja Spirit is a 1988 stage arcade game created by Bits Studios and distributed by Irem. The player controls the character named Tsukikage, a young ninja who lost his dad to a puzzling half-man half-monster creature. The story of Ninja Spirit revolves around his approach to vindicate his dad in an alternative primitive Japan. The critics praised ninja Spirit for its unique gameplay and attractive graphics. In Japan, Game Machine recorded Ninja Spirit on their September 1, 1988, issue just like the year's fifth-best arcade game.




Tsukikage's excursion takes him through seven phases, shifting from forests, Badlands, marshes, sanctuaries, and bluffs. Each stage starts with the player cutting his way to the end until he goes up against a level chief. The ninja is furnished continuously with the katana, Righteous Cloud, which can be smoothly used to assault every which way. Additional weapons include the Swirling Leaf (shuriken's), the Bamboo Thunder (bombs), and the Rising Dragon/Shouryu (kusarigama). Likewise, there are a few catalyst things, such as releasing numerous ninja phantoms to help the player.



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