Primal Rage 2 (Ver 0.36a)

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Primal Rage 2 (Ver 0.36a) ROM Download for Mame


If you are a fan of the versus fighting games, you would like Primal Rage 2 based on the same genre. Developed by Atari games, this game was initially set to launch in 1996.


Game Plot


 In this game, the main antagonist is a dragon-like boss, which you are required to defeat. Many new characters are showcased in this game that looks like humans known as Avatars which looked much different in look than the previous version of the game. In this game, you would also witness a prehistoric fighter known as Slash fang, also known as Saber Tooth. Necrosan is the boss monster in this game that you would face.




This game's gameplay is based on 2D fighting where two players are involved, which face each other in a battle. A single player can also play this game where he would be required to face the computer-generated character in a series of battles with increasing difficulty levels after each fight. Each character in the game has its own set of unique abilities and powers to fight battles. When you play this game in a single-player mode, you face all the computer-generated opponents with a higher health bar.


This game was launched much after anticipated, which decreased the players' excitement level regarding this game. The gameplay was based on its previous version, which failed to engage the players as this game did not offer many new elements in its gameplay. The difficulty level in this game is very high, making it almost impossible for the players to finish the game. If you reach the end of the game, you need to defeat Necrosan, which is very hard.


 Best Gaming Emulator for Primal Rage 2 (Ver 0.36a)


Mame emulators are highly effective in old classic games that are very hard to play on modern emulators. Mame emulator provides a great on-screen display where you witness highly detailed characters and the game's background with high resolution. In case you want to continue your game from where you left, you can easily save the progress of the game with the help of the save states and load states feature. Many of the arcade games run efficiently on this emulator without any difficulty. With robust online connectivity, you would hardly witness any problem. Some Mame emulators which you can try are Mame32, RetroArch, etc.


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