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Year of release: 1984
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Punchout ROM Download for Mame


It is a boxing game released in the arcade in December 1983. In the game, the player plays an unnamed green-haired boxer known by three initials chosen by the player at the beginning of the game. The player works his way through several opponents, tries to figure out each one's pattern, and then reacts correctly to dodge the moves and mount the counter-attack. There are three rounds in every fight. If either the opponent or the player gets knocked down, then that fighter loses the battle. If the player successfully finds out the opponents' weak point and punches there at the right time, then the opponents lose immediately. There are three modes present in the game: Career, the primary mode of the game where the player fights several fighters; Exhibition, where the player learns the game mechanics; Head-to-Head allows two players to fight it out. There are varied types of opponents worldwide, such as King Hippo, Soda Popsinki, etc. Well, the title suits the game as it is actually about punching people!


In the game, to crush the opponents, the player has to time the punches, dodges, and blocks. After the player defeats all the opponents, then opponents repeat with incredible difficulty. The player has a 3-minute round to knock out the opponent. If the player gets knocked down three times in one round, then it leads to a knockout. If the player loses, then the computer-controlled fighter taunts the player to play again and fight. There was no solid ending in the arcade days, so the game keeps on repeating on a loop.

Best Emulator for Punchout

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