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File Name: rampage.zip
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Region: USA
Year of release: 1986
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Rampage ROM Download for Mame

It is an arcade game released in 1986 in which the player takes control of a giant monster and has to save itself from the military forces. The four monsters are George the gorilla, Ralph the wolf, Lizzie the dinosaur, and Larry, the lizard. The goal for every level is to destroy every building on-screen and move forward. Up to three players can play at a time. They can either work together or bother other players by stealing food or punching. Initially released for the arcades, this game was ported to video game consoles and home computers such as Atari 2600, Atari 7800, MS-DOS/IBM PC, Sega Master System, and many more.



Up to three players can simultaneously control the giant monsters. The game's central characters are George, a gigantic gorilla who gets transformed due to an experimental vitamin; Ralph, a werewolf transformed by a food additive; Lizzie, a dinosaur and Larry the lizard, changed by a radioactive lake. They are monsters, so they need to destroy all buildings to go to the next level. These monsters can climb up the towers and punch them to pieces. They receive damage from enemy bullets, shells, dynamites, and hits from other monsters. To recover the damage, they have to eat various food items such as roast chicken, fruit, or even the soldiers. If a beast endures much damage, then it changes into a naked human. The game takes place up to 128 days in the cities of North America. The game begins in Peoria, Illinois, and finishes in Plano, Illinois. 


Best Emulator for Rampage

You should download the MAME emulator if you want to enjoy this arcade game. The primary purpose of MAME is to safeguard all the vintage arcade games so that the players can again enjoy them. Several MAME emulators are there to enjoy Rampage on your device, such as MAME 64 bit or RetroArch is for windows; if you want to run this game on Mac, then go for SDLMAME; for the android user, you can use MAME4Droid or Tiger arcade.

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