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File Name: splatter.zip
Console/System: Mame
Genre: Beat 'em up
Filesize: 1.13MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1988
Downloads: 1775

Splatterhouse ROM Download for Mame


Splatterhouse, released in the year 1988, is a beat them up arcade video game and the first game in the series to have been released in personal computer format and home console. Namco developed and published the game for the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. 




The player here takes control of Rick, a Parapsychology student, trapped inside the West Mansion. After his transformation by the Terror Mask, Rick proceeds through the mansion, battling off hordes of creatures in a trivial effort to rescue his girlfriend, Jennifer, from a terrible fate. Players of this game will also identify several western horror film characters, such as Evil Dead II and Friday the 13th. Rick can punch, kick and jump like other beat them up games. Additionally, he can also has a Special Attack, which allows him to Dropkick, sending him sliding on the ground, crushing all the enemies he hits. He can even use some weapons, walk around left, and right and the player is sent back to checkpoints if they lose their lives or the game is over. 


Best Emulator for Splatterhouse ROM


If you like to play Splatterhouse ROM, then you have to download and install the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator on your device. You can run MAME emulators on systems like Mac OS, Linux, Windows PC, Amiga, BSD, and so on. Some of the best MAME emulators are MAME Plus, DEfMAME, MAME PLUS MULTIJET, SmoothMAME, MAMEFANS32, KBMAME, ADVANCE MAME, WPC MAME, and much more. 


Similar Games


After playing Splatterhouse, you might even like other Splatterhouse related games. I have listed down three associated games:


  1. Splatterhouse 2010
    Splatterhouse (2010) is a reboot and remake of the original Splatterhouse, and this one is a horror-themed beat them up video game. The game revolves around Rick, who fights with numerous monsters in hand-to-hand battles and with temporary weapons, such as wooden boards and meat knives. Rick can quickly attack his enemies with his super force and rip them apart. He can also join the attacks together into combos. 

  2. Splatterhouse 2
    Splatterhouse 2 is a side-scrolling beat them up video game and is a sequel to Splatterhouse. The game takes place three months after the events of the first game. The player Rick here regrets not being able to save his girlfriend, and he again strives to help her. He goes through 8 different stages in the game, and at the end of each level, he encounters a boss, a grotesque monster. The player has the same abilities, just like in previous versions, such as jump, slide kick, jump kick, punch, and the use of various weapons collected through different levels. 

  3. Splatterhouse 3
    Splatterhouse 3 is a horror-themed video game and a sequel to Splatterhouse 2. Splatterhouse 3 is five years after Splatterhouse 2, and the character Rick and his girlfriend has now married and had a son called David. The life of his wife and son is at risk, and Rick has to save them. 


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