Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future

File Name:sfiii3.zip
Year of release:1999

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - The Fight for the Future (Japan 990512, NO CD) ROM Download for Mame 


The Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: The Fight for Future, released in the year 1999, is a 2D fighting video game that is developed by Capcom. The game is a second follow-up to Street Fighter III and has added five new characters: Twelve, Remy, Q, Makoto, and Chun-Li, who was there in Street Fighter II.

Here, all of the returning characters from the former Street Fighter III games were given new levels, endings, and voice actors for specific personas, maintaining the overall storyline from where the initial two games started. The game has changed the leap attacks, commands for air parries, and throws or holds of players. 

A new feature included in this is where the player can perform a Guard Parry during a guard stun when the timing is perfect. The game additionally presents a grade-based Judgement System, in which the leading player in a single or two-player match is graded after the game based on offense, extra points, defense, and techniques. 


Best Emulator for Street Fighter III 3rd Strike ROM?


In order to play the Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - The Fight for the Future, you need to install MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) emulators on your device. MAME is an emulator that is created by redesigning the hardware of arcade game systems in software so that you can use them on your personal computers.

Some of the best MAME emulators suitable for any of your devices are Advance MAME, MAME PLUS MULTIJET, SmoothMAME, KBMAME, DEfMAME, WPC MAME, and so on. 


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    The game comes under the third installment in the Street Fighter. The game highlights faster-playing speed contrasted to Champion Edition. As an outcome, the inputs for unique moves and combos require further precise timing. The faster playing speed in the game also enabled the players to get into battle quicker, as well as to counter back faster. 

  2. Super Street Fighter II Turbo
    By inputting a code in the game, this version of Street Fighter enables the players to take control to play as different characters from the original Super Street Fighter II in extension to their classic matches. The game also introduced a new secret character Akuma to the series.

  3. Super Street Fighter II
    It is a head-to-head fighting game and followed by Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The game introduces four new characters along with the previous twelve characters returning, with their unique techniques and necessary skills. The game also featured a new scoring system where a track was kept on the first attacks, combos, the recoveries the players made, reversals, and players were awarded bonus points for their performance. 
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