Tecmo World Cup '98

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Year of release: 1998
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Tecmo World Cup '98 ROM Download for Mame

It is a football video game that was initially released for the arcades by Tecmo. The game, as the name suggests, focuses on the world cup. The player can select from the multiple national teams available, including Argentina, USA, Britain, Japan, and many more. The opposite team is chosen randomly, and the aim is to defeat all the teams one by one and reach the top.




The player runs around the field, represented by the number they occupy on the team. The player takes the possession and can dribble past the opponent, perform a one-two, pass it to the partner, or shoot. If the player does not have the ball, he can tackle the opponent or block it. The game plays the matches with the option of 45, 30, or 15 minutes per half. There is a multiplayer mode where two players play against each other. In the Single Player mode, a world cup tournament consists of the group stage, second round, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final. As the game progresses, the challenges also increase. The players are drawn beautifully, pacing across the ground and throw themselves with enthusiasm. In Japan, the Game Machine listed this game as the second most successful arcade of the year. 


Best Emulator for Tecmo World cup '98


If you want to run this arcade game, you need to install a MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) emulator. This application recreates the arcade hardware into software and makes it possible to run the arcade game on modern-day technologies. The purpose of this emulator is to preserve gaming history, and it supports thousands of arcade games. There are features like screen resolutions, display configurations, and refresh rates. It works for Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and Mac. MAME0,204b also runs flawlessly on Windows, and for android, use MAME4droid. Some of the newer MAME emulators that you can use are DefMAME and KBMAME.

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